VIFF 2014: Boychoir follows conventional route

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      Boychoir (USA)

      An orphaned, rebellious boy from a rough neighbourhood is given the chance to develop his vocal talent at the elite and demanding American Boychoir boarding school. Since the story arc is a giveaway, the only expectations left for Québécois director François Girard (32 Short Films About Glenn Gould) are to provide engagement and original twists. Girard delivers the former, with internal rivalries between the young choristers as well as the school's faculty, but not enough of the latter. A frank and authentic conversation between the boy and a young teacher about his future after his voice matures hints at what the movie could have been like, had it not followed the conventional route and delved more deeply into character than story. Nonetheless, the true highlights are the stunning choral performances. 

      Centre for Performing Arts, October 7 (4 p.m.)

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