You gotta see: MØ

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      Need yet another reason to wonder why the hell anyone bothers making full-length albums in 2018?

      Consider the curious case of MØ.

      When the Straight interviewed the Danish electro-pop alchemist known as Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen back in 2014, she was working on her first LP, No Mythologies to Follow. Flashforward four years, and there’s been no second album, despite repeated promises that it’s imminent.

      Instead, MØ has rolled out singles like 2015’s Diplo-produced “Kamikaze”. Rather than buckle down, she’s been busy collaborating with the likes of Major Lazer and Justin Bieber, their joint venture “Cold Water” going Top 10 on charts all over the world, including America.

      The last time we heard from MØ as a solo artist was with 2016’s “Final Song”, which cracked the Top 40 in 10 countries.

      Despite having nothing new to push, the Danish singer—who last played Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver—jumps to the Vogue this Sunday (February 11). Who needs albums, anyways?