Grilled on Donald Trump, famously loudmouthed Kanye West finds himself with nothing to say on Jimmy Kimmel

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      Kanye West has never been a man short of opinions, whether he's talking the miseries of being a multi-millionaire superstar or the revolutionary brilliance of leather jogging shorts. 

      It was a shocker yesterday then, to see the man with the biggest mouth in show business left speechless on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

      Kimmel isn't new to getting in the ring with West, the MC, producer and entrepreneur having guested on the show in the past, and even done battle with the host on Twitter.

      Where West often has plenty to say when he's tweeting, he found himself unable to express himself last night.

      The MC has disgusted many of his fans in 2018 by singing the praises of Donald Trump. The President of the United States has returned the favour by declaring admiration for West.

      What's disappointed West's fans is his unwillingness to call out Trump for being what many believe to be the most racist president in the history of the States. Making that more galling was the rappper famously, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, declaring that former American president George W. Bush didn't care about black people.

      Given that Trump doesn't seem to care about anyone who isn't old and white, Kimmel first brought up the Bush comment, and then asked West for his opinion of Donald Trump and black people. 

      Watch below for the sound of silence, after which Kimmel lets West off the hook by going to commercial. 

      The big moment comes at the 11:15 mark. As for the rest of the interview West talks openly about everything from his bi-polarism to racism in modern America.