On Our Radar: Billie Eilish goes road-tripping in the video for "everything i wanted" (and no, you can't turn up the heat!)

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      Ever wonder what it would be like road-tripping with Billie Eilish?

      Given the teen anti-idol's veganism, you can forget loading up at Taco Bell and McDonald's. Instead, you'd be pulling off the interstate every three hours to search for no-fun food eateries with names like Don't Have a Cow, Sprouts Honour, and the Soy Luck Club. 

      Never mind commandeering the stereo—get ready for a steady diet of (admittedly great) Eilish go-tos like Drake, Lana Del Rey, My Chemical Romance, Frank Sinatra, and the Cardigans' immortal "Lovefool".

      And god help you if it's late fall or midwinter and you've got chronically bad circulation. Considering Eilish has a major thing for oversized sweatshirts and XXXXL puffer jackets, the chances of getting her to turn up the heat are likely less than zero. 

      But all of the above is simply conjecture.

      And given what we see in the new Eilish-directed video for "everything i wanted", there's a very real argument to be made that road-tripping with the singer would consist of endless hours of staring intently out the window in icy silence, surrounded by atmospheric darkness.

      It's also probably important that you be a good swimmer, okay in claustrophic environments that only Harry Houdini would be able to escape, and able not to freak out when someone decides to park the car in the ocean, 30 feet offshore. 

      "Everything i wanted" stars Eilish and her songwriting partner-brother Finneas, who rides shotgun. 

      “My brother and I wrote this song about each other and I wanted to create a visual that emphasizes that no matter what, we’ll be there for each other through everything,” Eilish noted in a statement accompanying the video's release. "This is the second video I’ve directed of mine. We worked so hard, for hours and hours on end.”

      Many of those hours presumably included sourcing Irish moss smoothies and raw-vegan canteloupe and watermelon nigiri-sushi whenever it was time to find an off-ramp.