Ron Reyes of Piggy headlines Not Yer Buddy release

Ron Reyes, former lead vocalist of a certain near-unmentionable California punk band and guitarist and leader of Vancouver garage punk champs Piggy, has worked on several occasions with the folks at Not Yer Buddy productions, who are fast becoming the go-to promoters for punk, metal, and garage in Vancouver. 

“I have nothing but amazing things to say about Seamus McThirteen and his team,” Reyes told the Straight during a quick lunchtime phone call. “They work ridiculously hard, they’re really good guys, and I can’t wait to do something with them on record.”

But not just yet, Reyes added. “We were heading into the studio, but then we added a second guitar player,” he explained, referring to Shane Davis, formerly of Tankhog, who trades off lead and rhythm duties with Reyes. “So now we’re working with a new singer, Ange Trash, and a new guitarist, so we’re a ways away from being ready.”

Piggy is conspicuously absent from the fourth Not Yer Buddy compilation, but will headline the record release for the comp on Friday (November 14) at Pat’s Pub, along with the AK-747s (who appeared on the second and third NYB comps), Soulsucker (who appear on the current one), and Reds. More info is at Not Yer Buddy's Bandcamp.