Khatsahlano 2017: Francesca Belcourt

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      Francesca Belcourt writes her music on the hippie paradise of Cortes Island—at the north end of the Georgia Strait—and it sounds like it too. With sweeping vocals and electronic beats, her songs are suitably ethereal and stirringly beautiful.

      Favourite party memory: “I went to a very special party that took place after a friend of mine accidentally hit a young deer that jumped out the bushes and into the road. My friends took the deer home and skinned it so we could all eat it together. The party took place in a barn the following evening, and all our buds came through in full medieval garb. We celebrated the life of the deer by cooking an incredible feast, drinking booze from goblets, and eating with our hands. Folks serenaded us with the accordion and double bass, and I sang wearing velvet.”

      Seminal local influence: “A lot of artists from Vancouver came to Cortes Island on tours. Some of my friends put together a show at the local hall when I was just beginning to perform at 14. Among them were Claire Mortifee, AstroLogical, Nick Wisdom, Slippery Elm, and A-Ro. They were all on mushrooms and took turns cyphering, mixing records, and playing their own beats. They graciously invited me on stage towards the end of the show, where I got a taste of the thrill of freestyle singing at such a tender teenage time. It was pretty pivotal to be given that mike.”

      Francesca Belcourt plays the Maple Street Stage at 6 p.m. on Saturday (July 8) at the West 4th Avenue Khatsahlano Street Party.

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