You gotta see: Vintage Trouble

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      Soul music is a unique field. While people can like metal, or enjoy folk, the greats of the genre need to have soul. Unlike hip-hop or country, soul is not just a thing that a person does—it’s the essence of who they are.

      That’s something that Vintage Trouble has taken to heart. Transporting listeners back to the ’60s with vocals that oscillate between silky-smooth and aggressively gritty, singer Ty Taylor is as at home on the group’s gospel-backed, blues-infused stompers as its Otis Redding-esque ballads. His emotive voice is what ties together the band’s genre-spanning approach to making music. Having played with everyone from AC/DC to the Rolling Stones, the group is famed for its sweat-inducing stage show. Taylor in particular has the charisma of James Brown in his heyday, with the group’s soul ’n’ roll able to touch audiences of all generations. Vintage Trouble has the rare ability to win over crowds with its new material as much as its old, bringing thumping grooves and topnotch songwriting to the stage.

      Currently on the road drawing material from three full-lengths, including 2015’s 1 Hopeful Rd, the Tinseltown quartet plays the much-loved Rickshaw Theatre on Sunday (November 12). 

      Vintage Trouble, "Knock Me Out"