On Our Radar: Clearly convinced there's no such thing as too much, Mother Sun doubles down with "Orange Colossus"

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      Because no one should have to settle for a single flavour—mountain raspberry, Dutch chocolate, or mint cappuccino—in summer, let’s go for the double scoop today.

      Mother Sun has been nothing if not busy in advance of its upcoming full-length Train of Thought, hitting record stores and streaming services at the end of October.

      A couple of weeks back the Kamloops-based quartet gave the world a new video for “Webbed Feet” featuring animation that suggested Pablo Picasso’s version of duck crossed with an amoeba that’s somehow sprouted two baby heads. As if that’s not awesome enough, you got a song that sounds like someone’s threw Ennio Morricone, Belle and Sebastian, and junk-era Rolling Stones on-stage at a back-alley opium den and told them to all let rip at the same time.

      For “Orange Colossus”, which gets its official release this week, Mother Sun takes a bit on a different approach, the paisley-power guitars-front-and-centre and the whole vibe suggesting King’s Road during London’s Swinging Sixties. Or maybe that’s the just the animated video—with the striped pants, pointy mod shoes, and modified bowler hat—working its psychedelic mojo.

      Which one you love better? Just like when you’re at the ice cream shop, trying to decide between maple walnut and blood-orange sherbet, there’s nothing wrong with the response “both of them”.