Comedians Eric Idle and John Cleese are not of one mind on Brexit

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      Today's Brexit vote in England has put two of the country's most famous comedians on different sides of the debate.

      Monty Python alumnus John Cleese has been an outspoken supporter of leaving the European Union.

      The former Fawlty Towers star has declared that he sees no chance of any major reforms to the EU.

      But his long-time Monty Python colleague, Eric Idle, has taken to Twitter to claim that those who are voting to leave the EU are "brain dead".

      Idle lives in the United States so he can't vote in the United Kingdom's referendum.

      Cleese and Idle will perform together at Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Theatre on October 20, 21, and 22 in a show called Together Again At Last...For The Very First Time.

      Don't be surprised if there's a sketch about today's vote.

      The Brexit issue has actually already been brought before Lower Mainland residents by Lord David Blunkett, who held three cabinet portfolios in the British government of Tony Blair, including home secretary.

      Blunkett, a self-described "Euroskeptic", visited University Canada West in Vancouver earlier this month and made the case for Britain remaining within the EU.

      In an interview in with C-FAX Radio's Pamela McCall in advance of his trip, Blunkett said that supporters of Brexit are under the illusion that they can obtain a "mythical sovereignty from years and years ago" by pulling out of the EU.

      However, he declared that it will take the combined efforts of many countries across the EU to secure borders.

      "We can't as a country on the western fringe of the European Union actually deal with the challenge of people movements on our own," Blunkett said. "It's a global challenge. You know that in Canada."