Twitter locks President Donald Trump out his own account for 12 hours, and possibly longer

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      Twitter has locked President Donald J. Trump out of his own account, citing concerns that he’s been using the social media platform in a way that violates the company's Civic Integrity policy.

      America’s Commander in Chief has been given a couple of options if he wants to regain access. The first is to remove three tweets from earlier today, all of which were red flagged for their potential to incite violence.

      If he chooses not to delete the Tweets, which you can read about here, he will continue to be locked out of his account.

      Twitter originally prevented the offending Tweets from being retweeted, liked, or commented upon.

      The first had Trump taking a shot at Vice-President Mike Pence for refusing to interfere with the results of the recent U.S. election won by Joe Biden. Trump has argued that the election was marked by rampant fraud—allegations that have been thrown out in numerous courts across the States.

      Today Trump’s supporters—at the President’s urging—descended on the U.S. Capitol, and then broke into the building to run wild. For hours both Republicans and Democrats asked him to do something to help diffuse the situation. His eventual response was to post a video on Twitter in which he told protestors they had every right to be enraged, and then added “We love you”. 

      Twitter added that it will delete Trump's account moving forward if it's continued to be used in a way that violates the platform's safety rules.

      The big question should this not get resolved is, of course, what Trump will do to pass the time when he's sitting on the dumper every morning.