Top five reasons why Prime Minister Stephen Harper can't be trusted

A man named Lyle called Rick Cluff on an open-line CBC Radio show and described Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a “con man”.

Cluff cut him off, saying this was an “extreme view”.

Lyle’s comments reflect how little trust some Canadians have in Harper. Here are my top five reasons why Harper can’t be trusted:

1.  Harper went on national television on December 3 and falsely claimed that the Liberals and NDP formed a coalition with the Bloc Quebecois. That’s not true. The Bloc has only promised to support the coalition if there is a confidence vote in Parliament. The Bloc can vote against any legislation brought forward by the coalition. Harper declined to mention this in his televised address.

2.  Harper stained Canadian democracy by running attack ads about Stephane Dion long before an election was held. The real purpose of attack ads is to drive down voter  turnout in elections. It worked for Harper. He won the most seats with a measley  59-percent turnout on October 14, mainly because his party's ads  convinced enough people that it wasn’t worth voting.

3.  Harper’s government wouldn’t allow an Environment Canada scientist to speak publicly about his novel about global warming. Memo to the prime minister: a novel is a work of fiction. Moreover, Environment Canada scientists are not allowed to speak to the media without getting approval through communications staff, who can vet what they say. What does Harper want to hide?

4.  Harper took advantage of global economic uncertainty to try to drive a stake through Canadian democracy by eliminating public financing of political parties. He backed off in the face of intense opposition, but he'll probably try again if he gets a majority.

5.  Harper had plans to control all RCMP external and internal communications by appointing an assistant deputy minister who would vet everything. This plan has been put on hold, likely until Harper gets a majority.

Honourable mention: Harper lied about the Liberals' revenue-neutral carbon tax, neglecting to mention that it  was part of a broader plan that included tax cuts and tax credits.  

Those are the top five reasons. I invite readers to add to the list in the comment space below.




Dec 6, 2008 at 2:06pm


Harper is a menace to all of Canada. He is to be never trusted with public office again.
The opposition was absolutely right to vote this viscious neo-con into polical oblivion.
The Governor General was WRONG. She should have pushed Harper out the door and told him to get the confidence of Parliament then come back. She had every right to do this.
Now we have to weather all the hate, lies and political Conservative sewage for another 7 weeks until this nightmare ends.

Mr Tibbs

Dec 7, 2008 at 9:32am

1.You are kidding right? Is it not all over the news that the coalition was organized and plotted long before they tried to topple the NEWLY ELECTED Prime Minister? I don't know about you, but 3 against one doesn't seem fair to me. What about the tapes? Were those all fabricated?

2. Attack ads? It's called running a campaign. The purpose of attack ads is not to drive down voter turnout. Where do you get these ideas? How the heck do you blame Harper for Canadians not showing up at the polls? You have serious issues. I suppose Harper is to blame for the Maple Leaf liseria outbreak too? Does BC like the coalition and NDP so much because the NDP supports the legal use of marijuana?

3.Environment Canada, well that would be part of the crown right? Is that a reason to hate Harper or topple his government? God help us.

4.Harper never took advantage of global uncertainty. What are you talking about??? The coalition are the ones using fear to justify what they have done and to look like heroes. I am proud that Harper had the guts to stick up for Canadians and taxpayers in this time of ecomomic turmoil. Why should WE be funding hundreds of millions of dollars to political parties? If you want to do that, then GO AHEAD and write them a cheque!

5. Had plans? Had? Please tell me you have better reason to hate Harper and the Conservatives than what you have provided here. This is just ridiculous.

The coaltion is nothing more than bullying and a BS way to win an election that lost very badly. Just because Parliament 'can' do what they've done to Stephen Harper, does NOT make it right. Not one bit. The conservatives won fair and square, and if there weren't so many parties in Canada they would have won majority by a landslide. That is fact. The Coalition is nothing more than a power grab, and has nothing to do with helping Canada. Smoke and mirrors in a time of crisis. They should all be ashamed of themselves. This is NOT democracy where you can 86 a Prime Minister just because you form a gang and add up your numbers. Please. There is no 'just cause' here. Those who formed the coalition should be charged and held responsible for the further billions in damages that they caused Canada's economy, and driving it further into economic uncertainty. Look at how many points the Canadian dollar took as a direct result of the coalition.

LET Harper do his JOB as promised and AS elected, and HEAR what the hell he has to say in January when he announces the new budget and economic stimulus package or whatever he has planned. This is absolutely ridiculous. Topple the government just because he took too much time to really find a way to help Canada during this ongoing recession. Wow. If he through a silly number out of a hat like Dion and the coalition around the 30 billion dollar mark would that make him a hero? Come on.

I for one am against a 30 billion dollar bailout aimed at the auto and forestry sector. The auto industry here in North America has been in a financial crisis for years. Long before this whole mess. How long before the auto sector loses the billions of dollars that Canada and we as taxpayers give them huh? Can you tell me what that will solve? Can you elaborate on Dion's plan for the forestry stimulus package as well? I'd like to see this ingenius plan they put together that they claim they worked so hard at. This should be public information. And you want to talk about environment protection? Tell me what 30 billion dollars pumped into gas emitting factories looks like. Show me what beautiful Bristish Columbia looks like with no more forests. It's so easy to point fingers and blame Harper. The rest of the world is affected by the world economy just as much as we are if not more. You don't see them fighting as we Canadians are. This is shameful and sad.

No Prime Minister or government is perfect, but I am proud of Harper representing Canada. I would like to see him work more closely with the oppostion, as much as I would like them to work with him. I hope they can all put their status aside, and work together to help Canadians and figure out the best way to go in terms of a stimulus package, job creations etc. Again, I am against bailing out a money losing industry that will only postpone the inevitable, but it would be interesting to see what happens.


Peter Carson

Dec 7, 2008 at 1:37pm

Peter Carson
Vancouver BC


Dec 8, 2008 at 2:01am

In 1997 Harper made a statement that demonstrates the absolute disregard he holds for the average Canadian. Speaking to an elitist crowd at The Council for National Policy he remarked, "If you're like all Americans, you know almost nothing except for your own country”¦ which makes you probably knowledgeable about one more country than most Canadians". If we lacked intellect about anything, it surely was how badly Harper and his toadies would malign and mismanage the nation’s affairs.

This year alone, Canada has lost over 200,000 jobs, largely due to the adverse effects of NAFTA. It's been the principal mechanism for enabling U.S. corporations to destroy Canada's social, political, and economic independence from the America's empire-seeking political-military-industrial complex. The Liberal and Conservative governments were both instrumental in supporting and advancing this so-called "free trade" and Harper now wants to develop it further in the creation of the NAU. (North American Union).

Prior to and during the election campaign, Harper stated Canada had a "sound dollar" and "good monetary conditions", thanks of course to the competent fiscal policy of the Conservatives. It now appears Harper has taken off his rose coloured glasses in favour of dark, ominous ones because all you hear is talk of "recession", "emergency plans" and "deficit spending". Harper even made the startling statement that we could be in worse shape than the Great Depression! Amazing how the economic fortunes of a nation can change so suddenly in a matter of a couple of months and right after an election.

Harper has continued the invasion and illegal war in Afghanistan that has cost thousands of lives and the destruction of a people’s homeland. A war that has saddled our already bankrupt nation with billions more in debt, and all without the approval of the democratic majority -- as if we ever mattered.

Harper was guilty of a premeditated and vicious assault on citizens invested in income trusts. Harper started his election campaign with the promise he'd never allow retirement funds to be raided by taxing income trusts. How can a man who so vehemently took the Liberals to task for their underhanded ploy, commit the same indecency and then try and tell Canadians his actions are different? Unfortunately, there's no law against a politician lying to the people he serves, and Harper takes full advantage of that benefit. Read on.


Jan 1, 2011 at 7:31pm

Ad captandum vulgus, pontifex maximus Harper


Dec 26, 2011 at 6:20pm

M. Tibbs, go get a life and move to america. we don't need people like you here.

David Brummell

Jan 19, 2014 at 5:11pm

Steven Harper is the only western leader I can think of in my lifetime other than Adolph Hitler to burn books. Especially those that contain all the accumulated environmental of our country while trying to sell the world a bill of goods regarding the tar sands. Shame on Canada

David Brummell

Jan 19, 2014 at 5:13pm

Don't "approve it" and I'll say bullshit!!

Chris -

Mar 9, 2014 at 4:13pm

What is with his free trade across the entire planet? Perhaps he is afraid of foreign policy or he is receiving kickbacks - how is free trade with south Korea good for Canada? He just wants to look as if he is imortant or intelligent while travelling - he is similar to Rob Ford in the sense he somehow wants to represent as if he is a type of celebrity whereas he is supposed to act like an intelligent politician - consider this - the slaughter of animals in this country represents big $ for the low lifes who play as if they are one of the higher powers - the factory farming heirarchy are not exactly earning a respectable or honorable living - perhaps Steven harper is afraid of the lowlifes - free trade is proven time and time again that it is a lie to suggest this is good for Canada when every country he opens dialogue with in regards to free trade is an industrial superpower with low exchange rates like South Korea or China for example rather than developing countries - Free trade with India is also not good - is Canada supporting world population increases by shipping tons of raw materials - this is not good for for the environment to pretend as if everything is alright - this is not good for Canada - people on this planet are using way more raw materials & resources than what is sustainable - perhaps if Steven Harper has good ideas to export this may prove beneficial for Canada although i seriously doubt it - manufacturing is required for an economy to thrive - without manufacturing foreign countries compete to no end therefor the white collar jobs also disappear - the Prime Minister has to stop thinking about the short term being in the spot light in order to start thinking about the long term when he is put under the spot light.


Oct 22, 2014 at 2:54pm

Why would the Prime Minister of Canada want free trade with India? simple: it is all about oil profits
Can you imagine how much richer the oil companies have
gotten since trading with China, Japan, India all countries that are so far away it is sickening to watch our planet being destroyed with this greedy moron.
Remember Stephen Harper's father worked for Exxon and is likely heavily invested in Exxon's shares on the stock Market ... even the PM himself worked for Exxon for a while
Let's wake up folks