Billy Corgan's furniture commercial should make you glad Kurt Cobain is dead

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      As you may or not know, today is the birth date of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, who would have been 46 if he hadn’t blown the top of his head off with a shotgun. (Or, if you prefer, been killed by his wife Courtney Love).

      Many people will be saddened that Cobain is no longer around, especially considering that In Utero made the case that he was getting even better at writing songs than he was during the creation of Nevermind. You know what though? You should actually be glad that he chose to kill himself when he was still young, powerful, and had a full head of admittedly greasy hair.

      Because if Cobain was still with us, he might be making the kind of commercials that his fellow early ’90 alternative heavyweight Billy Corgan is appearing in today. Go head—click the video above and get ready to be appalled.

      Like, what the fuck dude? It’s bad enough that you look like a cross between Mr. Clean and Uncle Fester and are dragging around a Smashing Pumpkins that has about as much to do with the original band as Guns N’ Roses Mach II does with Guns N' Rose. Now you've resorted to pimping furniture?

      Cobain is no doubt loading up a syringe with Layne Staley in heaven, glad it never came to this. Baldheaded Billy can argue otherwise all he wants, but sometimes it’s not called buying in, it’s called selling out.

      Happy birthday Kurt. Thanks for not selling out. 



      Gary Thompson

      Feb 24, 2013 at 3:33pm

      The video is funny and it shows Billy's business savy ... not only does his wrestling troupe get some extra air time, they get paid as well.