Urine trouble if you piss off Dan Savage, North Carolina

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      The highly influential and beloved sex columnist Dan Savage, he of Savage Love, has launched many a protest campaign—often in inventive and subversive ways.

      Memorably back in 2006, when U.S. senator Rick Santorum equated consensual gay sex with child rape and bestiality, Savage started a campaign to equate the word santorum with “the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex”.

      He also launched a boycott against Russian vodka to protest Russia's anti-LGBT laws during the Sochi Winter Olympics.

      His latest target is North Carolina's governor.

      North Carolina's House Bill 2, signed into law in March, has raised much controversy and protest, as it prevents transgender people from using washrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

      The U.S. Justice Department ruled on May 4 that the law discriminates on the basis of sex, and gave Governor Pat McCrory until May 9 to confirm that the state would not comply or implement HB2.

      Instead of following the order, Governor McCrory filed a lawsuit on May 9 against the U.S. Justice Department for its interpretation of U.S. civil rights law.

      In response to the jaundiced move, Savage suggested that trans people could take matters into their own hands—by dropping off their urine at McCrory's office to dispose of safely.

      Savage also took on Ann Coulter on Real Time With Bill Maher on May 6.   

      Coulter argued that trans-inclusive policies allows men to go into women's bathrooms and therefore gives the right for child molesters to go into bathrooms.

      Savage called it "bullshit".

      While we wait to see if packages of bullshit start showing up at Coulter's office (aside from what comes out of her mouth), here's the video of the debate below.