Love comes unexpectedly and leaves the same way

In 2017 I was homeless. Thanks to a shitty wife and some shitty friends. I felt like I never wanted to be in love again. One night I saw a tiny kitten living in a tree hole, city side, with a grate over it. She wouldn't come out. I went and bought a tin of cat food. She wouldn't come out. I left the open tin and lid in the hole for her. I whispered to her. I gave her the name "Tiger" and planned to return. The next day I didn't have any money. The next I found a fiver. I returned with a tin, whispered "Tiger, tiger, tiger" and put the open tin next to my foot. I called her. She finally crept out nervously. She ate, then looked at me, and returned to her hiding place. I whispered to her as I left. This went on until she'd come out and jump in my lap and purr and rub her nose on my thigh. We were in love. I tried to find a place to live that took cats. I couldn't. I went back and somebody had dropped a tin of tuna that had one bite out of it. And she was gone.


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SPICE where for art thou ?

Jan 23, 2023 at 2:29pm

OMG SPICE Where did you go ?
I missed my chance on a kitty as well:(
I'm telling you it was the one, it had a beautiful star right between her eyes and a cute little white necktie.
Omg so bloody sweet ❤️
I still have the picture of that little kitty and it breaks my heart everytime I look at it.
That was the one !
But I had nowhere to take her. Absolutely Nowhere.
Damn we must be soul mates or just have such similar kitty stories :)
Your story is told much better than mine, I would say but
Oh Spice :(
Where for art thou ?

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So Hard

Jan 25, 2023 at 7:23am

Had to give up my dog as my new apartment didn't allow animals. Just SUCKS!

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That is…

Jan 25, 2023 at 11:03pm

So sad…cause she really believed in you :(

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