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I'm unprofessional

I'm 29. I am currently exiting (final day tomorrow) a job at a company that had very bad vibes from day 1, and where I didn't like my direct manager (wrong management style for me). When some colleagues asked why I was leaving, I made the mistake of telling the truth, and asking if I should say something. Somehow, upper management got wind that I hadn't been happy. I should have known better. I confess that I'm the work drama queen and I need to learn from this experience and not be so unprofessional next time I'm unhappy. I should not sow the seeds of dissent. I hope you all don't make the same mistake I did. Learn from this. Exit with grace.

My "Wall"

I mistrust people who insist on exclusively communicating over Facebook.

In a bind...

Made the mistake of not keeping professional boundaries by becoming friends with someone in my department. Problem is they continually attract drama outside of work (which we're both far too old for). I'm slowly trying to distance myself from them but an exit strategy is hard to come up with when I work with them directly everyday and they've gotten in the habit of using me as their go-to person when it all hits the fan...

Outgrowing and growing up

I work two jobs, have a dog, and also have a great group of friends and family that I thought "kept me busy." I recently ended a significant friendship in my life because I realized this person crossed so many boundaries . So I decided it's best for me to focus on myself and my life without being shamed for it. Now that I have done this, I feel like I have a lot more time on my hands. I want to meet someone I can date and focus on my interests. It's time for me to focus on my growth and the healthy relationships I have. This isn't entirely easy, because I grew up around drama and negativity, but I know I can do it.

My fwb

He texted this morning and I’m sick so couldn’t come out to play,now I can’t help but think he moved on to number 2.

a little white lie (but not really little or white)

I'm part of this family (everyone is in a relationship or married) and there is a rumor going around that one of the siblings has an incurable unpleasant disease. Now I have no idea where or how this rumor started, she doesn't even know that the family is talking about this behind her back. I truly think it has something to do with her doing well in every aspect of life. I am just a recent addition to this family (through marriage) and I have no idea how to bring it up to her or make this all stop.

love songs to myself

Whitney Houston was right...the greatest love of all IS inside of me.

Ending a Relationship

I've never had a breakup end this way before. He's moving away for work and we're ending things with nothing but love and respect. All of my other breakups had something to be mad at (even if it was something small to hate on) which makes moving on a bit easier. This time I'm just so incredible sad because it's no one's fault and we have nothing but love between us. Our relationship was the first unselfish love I've ever felt, because I know this move is the best thing for him and can't wait to see where this takes him in life. All of my sadness stems from me being selfish and in the end I know I'll be okay.


My siblings treat my parents horribly. I wish there was some sort of button I could push to make them see it for what it is. I must confess, I want to bonk their heads together. It would feel great for a second.

Trade shoes

Gonna try this one more time, I have never ever ever desired to be alone, like completely non interactive anyone, as mush as I desire the quietness as I do now. I don't think it's ever going to happen and I don't know how to make it go away


Stripes Attract Stripes

You and your friend were sitting outside Blenz in Olympic Village, you were wearing a green &...

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