Grilling recipe: How to make a summer shrimp boil, with B.C. corn

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      Here’s a summer recipe for the grill from Angie Quaale, owner of Langley’s Well Seasoned: A Gourmet Food Store, that local ingredients are ideal for.

      “If fresh B.C. spot prawns are available, definitely use those, but really any good size fresh prawn will work,” Quaale says. “This is even more excellent when local corn is available. You can serve this right out of the foil pouch with some freshly baked corn bread, a big salad, or just some ice-cold craft beer.”

      Angie Quaale’s Summer Shrimp Boil

      Prep time: 15 minutes
      Cook time: 20 minutes

      1 lb medium shrimp, shells on
      1 lb Andouille sausage, sliced thin
      2 lbs baby potatoes quartered
      2 cobs of fresh corn, cut into 8 pieces
      2 tbsp Well Seasoned olive oil
      3 tbsp Old Bay seasoning
      kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper, to taste
      1 whole lemon, cut into wedges
      parsley to garnish

      Heat your barbecue to medium high, about 220 C (425 F).
      Using two sheet pans, line each one with double layer of aluminum foil. In the center of the pan, add potatoes, sausage, corn, and shrimp into one even layer.
      Drizzle the oil over each foil packet and sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning, salt, and pepper.
      Seal foil on all 4 sides.
      Transfer from the sheet pan directly onto the grill.
      Reduce the heat to about 200 C (400 F).
      Bake for about 20 minutes, just until the potatoes are tender.
      Garnish with parsley and serve with fresh lemon wedges.