Once-vegetarian eatery Heirloom officially shutters, blames closure on “Deborah”

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      Heirloom Vegetarian has officially closed its doors, and it appears to be blaming someone named Deborah for the whole thing.

      On the homepage of its website is a pixelated photo of someone wearing a shirt that reads “Deborah” along with the text: “HEIRLOOM IS NOW CLOSED PERMANENTLY. THANKS A LOT DEBORAH. YOU’VE WON!”

      Scrolling down the page, the “contact” section now lists “@deborah” as the best way to get in touch.


      After never properly recovering post-Covid, Heirloom tried to pivot by adding meat to its menu last November. Co-owner William “Gus” Greer recently told the Straight that the eatery had “always been pro-plant, we’ve never been anti-meat.” Still, it wasn’t enough to save the business, and the restaurant announced in January that it would be closing in April 2024 after 12 years.

      Things had, admittedly, already been going a little off the rails.

      It all started when someone named Deborah took issue with the restaurant adding meat to its menu—to which someone behind Heirloom’s social media replied that they would “rather go out of business than serve vegan Nazis.”

      In Deborah’s defense, whoever they are, they’re not alone; several folks took to the brand’s Instagram comments to voice their discontent, only to be met with vicious responses from Heirloom itself, calling its one-time supporters “assholes and douches.”

      On the whole, this year has not been the best for Vancouver’s vegetarian restaurants; we’ve had to wave goodbye to beloved spots like Pizzeria Grano and The Arbor recently. Where is Deborah going to eat now?