With a year to remember officially in the history books, Stanley Park Brewing celebrates with a special series

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      As milestones go it will be one to remember, largely because of the months that have preceded it.

      The Stanley Park Brewing company officially opened its brewpub doors in mid-summer of 2019. But with the world not what it once was this year, it’s taken a bit of time to mark the occasion. That’s now officially happening with the release of Stanley Park Brewing’s Park Beer series.

      The small-batch series celebrates a year in the Beach Avenue space formerly occupied by the iconic Fish House.

      Getting the green light to open a brewpub on the site took some time. Over an extended process Stanley Park Brewing had to deal with things like concerned citizens who objected to having an on-site brewery in a public park.

      And then in March of this year, COVID-19 arrived, which largely torpedoed the idea of thirsty tourists and curious locals hitting the newly redesigned locale en masse for craft beer and pub food.

      But even if things haven’t exactly played out as planned, the series celebrates the past year with a selection of Stanley Park Brewing craft offerings: Park House Blonde Ale, Captain Hazy IPA, Park Drive Pils, At Ease Hazy IPA, and Hollow Tree Lager.

      The Park Series can be purchased at the Stanley Park Brewing brewpub in the heart of Vancouver’s most gloriously scenic and internationally famous public green space. Or simply go online here.