Game of Thrones, drunken idiot and fun bus conversations...

Ok, this is less of a "missed connection" and more of a "I bloody well wish we had more time to interact" kind of post. You're an actress who was reading Game of Thrones and sat down beside me coming from East Van toward Burnaby... you got on the bus at the same stop as a belligerent, drunk and obnoxious fat dude who kept yelling on the back of the bus "...who wants to party?? You?? YOU???" lol. I had to ask you about GoT, as I'm a huge fan (I'm sure that was obvious). I would love to share minds more about that... and whatever our curious minds might point us toward. As you left the bus, you mentioned actress and I told you musician, then you introduced yourself and I responded in kind. Your name start with T and mine with D.... If you see this, I hope you reply. You're fucking awesome.

When: Sunday, April, 9 2017

Where: 95 bus