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E.g., Feb 22 2019

Beth & Alex - You were going to Rowan's party

We chatted briefly on the walk up the hill; you were going to a party, and I jokingly asked to come along. You asked if I was cool or a douche, and I said I was a bit of both. We chatted very briefly and you said I looked familiar - sorry I couldn't come with - I was dead on my feet from a long-ass shift. Tell me the nearest skytrain, or what I do for work; I'd love to tag along and meet you two properly when it's not freezing cold outside.

When: Thursday, February, 21 2019

Looking for the man in Seat 24D on Westjet flight from Puerto Vallarta Feb. 21st

I am the blonde woman that was sitting in front of you on our flight home from Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver. We were both visiting out mothers who winter in Lo De Marcos for you and Guayabitos for me. We had a brief chat, and I was sorry I didn't see you at the baggage carousel or get a chance to give you my number!

When: Thursday, February, 21 2019

Where: Westjet flight WS2153 Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver

Bel Cafe stylish fedora

You: gorgeous suit, coffee with 2 friends/colleagues discussing traveling. No wedding ring. Me: gray dress, leather jacket, with a coffee and croissant. I should have said great hat when you put on your fedora.

When: Tuesday, February, 19 2019

Where: Bel Cafe

Smiley Calgarian on Bus 84

I couldn’t stop smiling. You said I looked happy (something to that effect, I was so taken that I got flustered and wasn’t listening properly). I said I was happy because the buses were running in the snow. I should have said that you were the brightest light in my day. Would be pretty awesome to see you again!

When: Tuesday, February, 12 2019

Where: West 2nd

Red heel pumps

I first noticed your friend as she exited her Lexus after parking in lane 45 and was struck by how lovely she looked; that was, until you appeared from around the other side... I am smitten! Your look, your red heel pumps and all I could do was smile inside, thank you for making my day.

When: Wednesday, February, 20 2019

Where: Tsawwassen ferry terminal

The Acorn - Sparkly Silver Shirt

You were part of the birthday party gathering Saturday night at the Acorn around closing time. Latina beauty in a sparkly silver shirt! As I was getting ready to leave I couldn't take my eyes off you and we locked gazes a few times. Respond with something about me, hope you see this

When: Saturday, February, 16 2019

Where: The Acorn - Main Street

Lookin' Back to See

Near West Broadway at Macdonald at mid-day Tuesday, you have straight, dark hair and fair skin, and walked past me wearing a grey coat, and an air of confidence that caught my attention. I was loading groceries from the Persian Market onto my bicycle, in full eco-gladiator regalia, cosy despite the sleet. As I watched you walk away, you looked back over your shoulder. Were you looking-back-to-see-if-I-was-looking-back-to-see-if-you-were-looking-back-to-see-if-you-were-looking-back-at-me? If so it's plain to see that we should go for tea, because I'd enjoy your company.

When: Tuesday, February, 19 2019

Where: Macdonald and West Broadway

Ernest Ice Cream and Buddhist Monks

You were sitting on the bench at Ernest Ice Cream. You were with two male Buddhist monks in orange, and two other women. I sat down next to you and you gave me a hello and a smile that warmed my heart. I think you must know who I am.

When: Monday, February, 18 2019

Where: Ernest Ice Cream on Fraser

Roxy nightclub Saturday Feb 16th

We danced and talked at Roxy's saturday night and I don't know why I never asked for your number. You are both from Iran and your best friend was with you, you are the gorgeous blonde one. I really hope I get a chance to connect with you again

When: Sunday, February, 17 2019

Where: The Roxy

You just made my night

99 bus ~10 pm Arbutus-MacDonald. You interesting way of looking around, long hair at the back door of the bus. Me rose sweater, dark hair, curious about u!! Can you just tell me how this city looks through your eyes on a Saturday night! Fue to see someone like u in this city!

When: Saturday, February, 16 2019

Where: 99 bus


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