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E.g., Jul 18 2018

Bai Bua Thai Restaurant Tuesday night

You were having dinner with a woman, looked like a first date. I was waiting for take out. We kept meeting each others eyes. You had a motorcycle helmet, I too ride a motorcycle. Thought you were cute.

When: Tuesday, July, 17 2018

Where: Bai Bua Thai on E. Hastings

I saw you in WholeFoods on Robson

I complimented you on your striped pants while you were waiting at the deli. When I was leaving the checkout I didn’t realize you were right behind me. I kinda got lost in your beautiful brown eyes... I think I’m still lost in them. I’d like to know you. Let’s connect.

When: Tuesday, July, 17 2018

Where: WholeFoods on Robson

Lovely Paddle boarder near Ladner Sunday at sunset

It was sunset. You came into the dock at Wellington Point Park (I had to look up the name) on the Fraser river with your friend. You were lovely. We talked, and I was caught by your gaze. You: blue shorts and a black tank top, blonde hair. Me: middle-aged guy, sandy hair, gray sideburns-- and cute elderly mother in tow. I jokingly offered to give you a ride home to White Rock with your paddle board. Just FYI-- I'd like to get a paddle board lesson from you. But chances are you'll never see this, and we'll just be two paddle boards passing in the night...

When: Sunday, July, 15 2018

Where: Near Ladner on the Fraser River

Folk fest

We danced to Ry Cooder, the last set at the Vancouver folk festival. You: petite, shapely, gorgeous, tanned, brown hair and eyes, I think. British accent? Gold nose ring, head scarf sometimes, laces, tights and leather. Totally sexy but in a sort of introverted sense. You seemed to be in a beautiful state, dancing intimately within yourself. Me: blue bandana and pants and white dress shirt thoroughly enjoying myself in unusual extroverted fashion. I had a little girl on my shoulders often and I said watch out for that old man when you got bumped. I wasn't sure if you were into me and I didn't want t to make you uncomfortable especially in such an enjoyable experience but I would've loved to get to know you. You were tentatively dancing with me and joining our fun dance circle. I threw the cards into the ethers when I went for much needed water, and the show just ending on my return, you were gone. Never done this before! Trying to get dealt another hand. Connect with a unique Canadian? On any level?

When: Sunday, July, 15 2018

Where: Vancouver folk festival Ry Cooder, right side of stage near the wall

Waiting at the gates of the Richmond Night Market

You were the 30-something/ early 40's guy that I locked eyes with and laughed at me when I yelled "this is NUTS! NUTS!" upon entering the Richmond Night market last night. I'm brunette who was wearing the teal, long dress who was with the tall blond woman and her daughter. You had a cotton tote bag and you looked like you were waiting for someone. I thought you were really cute. Bubble tea sometime?

When: Saturday, July, 14 2018

Where: Richmond Night Market

mark farina on the left side of the stage

we danced next to each other, you slender in a multi coloured dress/short outfit, slung around your neck, a stunning beauty with curls to your neck, and then you were gone, I a white beard before I should have one and maybe a bit sweaty. coffee?

When: Saturday, July, 14 2018

Where: mark Farina - the imperial

Drive by smile & wave

I was wearing a black dress sitting in a coffee shop on Kingsway & Broadway by the window. You were in the passenger seat of a black moto car stopped at the light. We made eye contact and neither of us could hide our smiles. When the light changed and we waved at each other before you drove away I hoped you would come back to ask me for my number. I would love to see that smile again maybe you can ask for my number now?

When: Saturday, July, 14 2018

Where: Kingsway & Broadway

Ben at Rockin the Park

We locked eyes at Rockin the Park while I was waiting in line at the bar. You told me your name is Ben and you said your dad was from Uruguay. We didn't exchange numbers. How do I reach you?

When: Saturday, July, 07 2018

Where: Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park

After Antisocial's show in the alley, you got on the 99

You look like a heavily tattooed Norman Reedus. My friend and I sat down close to you on the 99 after the antisocial party Friday night. I really noticed you when you got off at your stop but didn't say anything. I doubt I would see you around again, so maybe this will work?

When: Friday, July, 13 2018

Where: 99 Bus

Cookies and Cream

So it was an early afternoon at Earnest Ice Cream. You came in claiming that it was your first time here when you lived in the neighbourhood, which surprised me because who hasn't heard of Earnest Ice Cream??? We had a nice conversation about ice cream and gelato and honestly, I had a really hard time holding in a grin from ear to ear. You tried a bunch of our flavours and you just really had a hard time deciding on what to get. Eventually, you got a cookies and cream pint and you left. I was gonna ask you for your number as you walked out because I was sent on my break, but I was too shy to ask. Now I'm sitting here wondering if you were interested - I have a midterm on Tuesday and I can't really focus with the thought in my head. Would like to give you my number and maybe go on a date???

When: Saturday, July, 14 2018

Where: Earnest Ice Cream Fraser Street

Zero the border collie

I came up to you on the lawn by science world because I saw you sitting by yourself with your adorable pup Zero. I am a dog lover and I thought you were cute and I knew I would regret it of I didn't talk to you. We talked for half an hour and when it got cold we parted ways without exchanging contact information. I have been thinking about how nice it would be to hang out again. Hoping you would want to too.

When: Friday, July, 13 2018

Where: Science World

“Changed my Day

You were walking down vine street in kits, I stooped to let you cross the street. I was so awestruck by your beauty I had to circle around and thank you for chanting my day. I’d love to return the favor and perhaps do something to alter your day

When: Thursday, July, 12 2018

Where: Kits

Classy lady at the Chuck Ragan show

We both were trying to get a better vantage point to see the show. At one point in time we were standing next to each other filling our cups of water at the same time at the water station and I was too chickened to say something. At the end of the show you almost ended up in the men's bathroom as you were trying to look for the exit. You definitely stood out that night as you were the most classy lady at the venue. Hope I see you at another show... the guy in the green t-shirt.

When: Friday, July, 13 2018

Where: Biltmore cabaret

You untangled my bike- thank you! (outside SFU & 30 Network event)

After the presentations on Youth Engagement we met at the bike racks. My bike was caught under another bike and you kindly helped me untangle it. We shared a look before biking in opposite directions. I immediately wished I has asked you out. You were very sweet, and attractive :) Drinks sometime?

When: Wednesday, May, 16 2018

Where: 500 Granville Street

School Audit

You came in to audit my school today, and I was one of the students you interviewed. I was very impressed by the light atmosphere you were able to create, and by how at ease I was when answering your questions. Perhaps we can meet for a coffee sometimes?

When: Friday, July, 13 2018

Ryan - Hot Yoga Regular

We were often in class together but I left the studio earlier this year and now I miss practicing with you. I miss your beautiful muscles and focussed, intelligent practice - was always happy when you were in class with me. I'm tall, slim, muscular, dark hair, usually in the front row on the right side. I'd love to take a class together again.

When: Thursday, July, 12 2018

Where: City Square Yoga

You told me to stick with the women... You didn't mean it

You are an attractive male with tattoos and a charming personality. I had seen you a few times at meetings before, but i never spoke to you. After the meeting you came up to me and told me to stick with the women if I wanted to do well. One of your friends told me you said that so I would stay single. I haven't seen you in a while or I would ask you to coffee in person. You are the type of guy I can see myself enjoying life with.

When: Sunday, July, 01 2018

Where: Pandora meeting

Lummi Island Lovely

Greens Market. We talked about how awesome this city could be if we could all just chat wkth peolle we had a connection with. I want to chat more. Hoping you do too.

When: Monday, July, 09 2018

Where: Greens Market

Consent & Caesar

We sat across each other on the last Skytrain. You complimented the Consent button on my backpack. I really enjoyed our conversation. Would love to hang out and talk about Daniel Caesar and more!

When: Saturday, July, 07 2018

Where: Skytrain between Columbia and Braid

Hottie in orange shorts @Carnival del Sol today

I saw you at the Carnival del Sol. You wore some orange shorts, beautiful legs. Longe beautiful brown hair and a sexy nose ring to go with that great smile. I would love to meet you again maybe see where it goes.

When: Sunday, July, 08 2018

Where: Downtown Vancouver

Taiwanese Beef Noodles on Victoria Drive

You were elegant in a cool dark blue summer dress with spaghetti straps. You had the smallest of possible band-aid strips on the inside of your forearm. I wanted to ask you why? Instead, I asked you what was the name of the dry noodle dish you had ordered. I watched you go for preserved green vegetables and a dark red sauce. You told me the name of the dish, finished your noodles, paid the bill, and left your boy and girl to finish their lunch alone. The girl will look like you when she grows up. Lucky girl.

When: Sunday, July, 08 2018

Where: Taiwanese Beef Noodles on Victoria Drive

Keith Moon lookalike

I saw you and was stunned because you are the exact likeness of the adorable and crazy Keith Moon! You had a huge dog, too. Want to meet?

When: Sunday, July, 08 2018

Where: Legacy Liquor store lineup

That smile..

You: Change your hair colour a lot. Pout when you sleep. Love your cats. You're stubborn. Have great taste in movies. Can easily clear a room... You also look great in shorts. <3 Me: Just a guy who saw you.. And sometimes cuts your hair.

When: Sunday, July, 08 2018

Where: Everywhere..


You were long and had blond hair running the massage students st the 2nd floor detox. I was the mental health worker disheveled wearing black. Love to know more about you. This is weird.

When: Sunday, July, 08 2018

Where: Detox


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