Jordan the teacher, we shared a kiss at the Penthouse

I'm new to stripping, and was taken aback by the way your bright smile caught my eye. You asked me for a dance, and while we waited for a booth, you snagged a bit of my heart with sweet conversation and shared passion for helping kids. That was the best dance I've ever shared with someone, and the kisses were honest (I've never done that before!). I'd do it all over again - but next time, for free, in private, and without your hands glued to the chair. I gave you my number and now am worried that you thought it was for professional purposes and will never follow up, or that you wrote it down wrong. I'm sorry for darting off so quick - I was feeling bad for taking you away from your friend for so long - and made the assumption that I'd talk to you again soon. I wish I had grabbed your number instead, and would love to share a tea, a cuddle, and more good conversation and kisses on a rainy day.

When: Sunday, October, 20 2019

Where: The Penthouse