Second Beach Sunset: Orange-red bikini, Malibu rum.

I saw you initially with a friend. Then it was just you for the rest of the sunset. You were wearing an orange-reddish bikini, with a black kimono. Choice of liquor was Malibu rum. At least to cap off the night. At times you walked to the water, and I did too. We’d exchange glimpses throughout the evening as I was on the log behind you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and through our mutual peeks, I felt we’d established a bond. You’re tall, with darker features and long brown hair. I would say Mediterranean-esque. You have a lethal smile and I am kicking myself for not approaching you. If you somehow read this, I’d love to catch another sunset with you.

When: Friday, September, 2 2022

Where: Second Beach, Vancouver