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E.g., Sep 25 2018

JJ Bean Cambie Street

I saw you this afternoon. We locked eyes a couple times despite you being at JJ Bean with another woman. You seemed interested, turning around multiple times to look at me...i was definitely looking at you. I left the coffee shop and went to the TD Bank across the street, you watched me cross the street and we smiled at each other. I'm good at keeping secrets, and i would love to see you again. If you happen to read this tell me what i was wearing...

When: Friday, August, 31 2018

Where: JJ Bean/ Cambie Street


I've seen you more than once as I sit in the lounge often. You have a perfect smile with your hair and nail always on point, absolutely beautiful. I come there just to see you and bring you a coffee or smoothie occasionally. Will You Marry Me?

When: Saturday, August, 18 2018


Nosherie @ West Georgia

I’m petite with pink-purple hair, you’re tall with (natural) red hair, seated at the table next to me while I had lunch with a co-worker at the Nosherie (dumb name for a restaurant).

When: Thursday, August, 30 2018

Where: Nosherie @ West Georgia

Urban Planet at Tsawwassen Mills

(August 30th) We saw each other at Urban Planet in Tsawwassen Mills (Delta, BC). You gave me the sweetest smile as we walked past each other. I wanted to say something to you except we were both with our moms so I figured it would be a little bit awkward. You were taller than me (maybe around 5"4-5), you had ginger/orange curly hair, and you had a septum piercing. If you see this, i would like to take you out to coffee sometime! I was wearing all black, anchor pocket tee, and a hat.

When: Thursday, August, 30 2018

Where: Tsawwassen Mills

Dancing at the Blue Martini

You: tall, blonde, stunning, with your parents(?) having dinner Me: brown hair, beard, sitting at the bar in a plaid shirt We shared a smile while you were dancing with your mom. My list of regrets in life are short, but it just got a little longer. I'd love another chance to introduce myself.

When: Tuesday, August, 28 2018

Where: Blue Martini Cafe & Jazz

Liz: chatting on the 95 coming from Pride...

I put my book away and we started chatting on the bus: you were on your way back from Pride. You are an Anthropology student as SFU, and I think you missed your stop to keep chatting. Very much regret not asking for your number...

When: Sunday, August, 05 2018

Where: 95 B-Line, between Commercial and Kootenay Loop

Stumbled on you on the Canada Line

I was already thinking when I sat down next to you that you were incredibly adorable and that I wanted to say something about it. When I got ready to get off at Broadway-City Hall station, the train jerked, I stumbled and totally stepped on you. I turned to apologize and you had the sweetest, kindest smile in the world. You: Tall, backwards red baseball cap over brown hair, dark blue pants. Me: Glasses, leather jacket, jeans and an orange backpack. I'd love to go have coffee with you sometime - I promise I won't crash into you this time! :)

When: Wednesday, August, 29 2018

Where: Canada Line - Broadway-City hall Station

Airport arrivals traffic jam hand gesture conversation

You were waiting for your passengers, I motioned asking if you were pulling out and you shook your head no and point down indicating that you were staying there. That smile as you turned to face forward was the first thing I thought about this morning, so I'm going to put not getting out and talking to you during that mess in the regret column.

When: Monday, August, 27 2018

Where: Airport Arrivals

Brickhouse Grope

Sorry... we saw you leaving and I barreled over the old couches and grabbed you sideways. You were on the phone and surprisingly smooth about the whole encounter. Yeah, I'm married, but my friend thinks your hot and has no gumption..

When: Friday, August, 24 2018

Where: Brickhouse


Damn, Mackinley,I should have gone to his birthday party. Too nervous to say yes. -Lynn. P.S. I'm gender non-binary but "I Saw You" doesn't have a setting for me, so I went with female instead.

When: Monday, July, 23 2018

Where: Save-on

Stunning, exotic beauty, The Local (Kits)

Friday night, you and your friend were at the end of the bar by the patio...we made continual and fairly intense eye contact but I couldn't break away from my adult babysitting duties to come and say hi, and then you both left when I finally did get the chance to approach...

When: Friday, August, 24 2018

Where: Kits Local

Metrotown Metropolis

You are the gorgeous lady in the pink dress. I'm the old guy with the fine asset you noticed. You floated through our line at BJ and hovered near, on your phone while enjoying self-titillation. I noticed your beautiful hand and would love to hold it. Anything for you.

When: Thursday, August, 23 2018

Where: Booster Juice line up

Break a leg comment

You were encouraging someone ahead of their performance, finishing up with'Break a Leg'. I was getting into the elevator and joked with you about that. It would be fun to extend our conversation!

When: Wednesday, August, 22 2018

Where: Coal Harbour

Thank you, first responder

You were kind, respectful and kept me calmer than I otherwise might have been. I couldn’t get my card out of my wallet so I handed you (a complete stranger) the whole thing. You came back later, told me I looked like I was feeling better (I was) and asked if my heart rate is always this low. You left without me saying thank you and you’ll probably never see this but I wanted to post it anyway – THANK YOU!

When: Tuesday, July, 31 2018

falling off your seat on a double take on the #9

I was standing on the corner of kingsway and broadway outside ourtown around 9pm waiting for a friend. The #9 drove past and we locked eyes, you almost fell off your seat trying to keep eye contact as the bus kept going. I think you gestured something, but I couldn't make it out. A part of me wished you got off for a second to introduce yourself.

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Kingsway and Broadway

Super Hunk in the West End

I saw you in the Safeway on Davie, before closing, a long time ago. I said hi in passing. After checking out at the same time, you asked me if I needed a ride upon approaching your car (car-to-go). I said no, as I was nervous. I've seen you around the West End two more times since then (at different businesses: last night being one.) Perhaps now the opportunity is lost, but every time I see you, it takes quite awhile to get you out of my head.

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: West End

Tuesday drum circle vibes

We were at the drum circle and I first noticed you walking on the path and caught a radiant smile from you. Later on we were hanging with our own friends but were closeby. You were drumming and dancing and made healthy eye contact and were exchanging good energy. Afterwards we chatted briefly and I mentioned that I was really digging your vibe but I regrettably didn't ask for your number. I think you are super sweet and would be really happy if I could see you again sometime :)

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Third Beach Drum Circle

Silver Fox Cashier at Nesters Market d/t

I was on my way home from happy hour with my friend and dropped by to grab something I needed for a recipe. I was on my bike and we joked about tipsy bike riding. I thought you were very cute, and I dropped by the store a couple times hoping to see you again. Coffee? Matcha? Kombucha? Wine?

When: Tuesday, July, 17 2018

Where: Nesters Market Seymour

Double glance on 14 Granville

We exchanged eye contact twice as I was getting off the 14 Granville bus. Dark hair, bob cut (I think), sharp chin, and wearing earphones. I had puffy dirty blonde hair, with a dark jacket and grey patterned shirt. Wish I had stayed on so I could've said something. I picked up a friendly vibe, and you're v cute. Coffee? :)

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Kitsilano

Downtown afternoon ride

95 You: tall, caucasion, dirty blonde hair, grey shirt, kooda bag, short a hand Just wanted to let you know that I think you should get into modelling, if you don't already.

When: Friday, August, 17 2018

Where: Downtown vancouver

Bumped into you

I was walking out of Translink gates into Waterfront Stn. and our paths literally crossed. I almost bumped into you. Sorry! You gave me the best smile ever! You made my day and I hope you have a great one too. Coffee?

When: Tuesday, August, 21 2018

Where: Waterfront Station

tissue man

I was sitting on some steps outside along Kingsway having a very difficult conversation on the phone (and crying). I hadn't noticed that anyone saw me, but you walked up and handed me some napkins. I was so touched. Didn't get a chance to say thank you, so, thank you.

When: Monday, August, 20 2018

Where: Kingsway at Main St.

Gorgeous Save-On Shopper

You: gorgeous tattooed lady ahead of me in line just came from a workout? Me: gentleman patiently waiting to buy lemons in regular line as express lanes were super busy & slow going. Clerk made a comment and I said I'd been watching the lines and they were comparable. That's true but I was also happy to be in line behind you. Hesitation got the best of me as I was going to comment about the wonderful "messages" you had etched on your skin and was going to offer to carry your groceries to your car for my random good deed for the day. You're too fast. "Thanks" and smiles were all that were exchanged but the off-chance you 1) read this 2) are unattached 3) are intrigued I'd love to take you to dinner. I see you eat healthy so Whole Foods Food Bar it is!! LOL Seriously, though, let's have a nice dinner somewhere.

When: Monday, August, 20 2018

Where: Save-On Cambie



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