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E.g., Jan 20 2019

Just outside of no frills on Denman

I was helping a friend, who was in a sling and walking with a cane, with his shopping. We left the store and I looked up at the stairs, near the exit, and I saw the most handsome guy, brown wavy hair, mustache and the best smile I ever saw. It hit me like a ton of bricks because I looked pretty grubby. God I wish more than anything that I swallowed my pride, and said hi. Instead I just stood there, dumbfounded, wondering what he was looking at. I was in a black vest, grey sweater and black jeans. My friend had a sling and walked with a cane, I was carrying all the bags. I just hope you read this because I would love to see that smile again.

When: Thursday, December, 20 2018

Where: Outside of No Frills in the Denman Mall

Virtual Reality Island

We met at the gym. I commented on your Tough Mudder shirt. You liked my sleeve tats and tight pants. Next time I will wear my ball cap to cover the bald spot and catch your eye.

When: Tuesday, January, 08 2019

Where: West Saanich

Sauna wave

I was talking in the sauna at the kits community center and you mistook my gesticulation for a wave. You gave me a thumbs up and left when you realized. You were cute! Hmu if you thought I was cute too

When: Monday, January, 07 2019

Where: Kits community center

Mexican Food - I watched you eat

You were having Mexican food with another woman. I was at the next table with a small Chinese woman friend. On a cold day, you were wearing a sleeveless summer weight top that displayed your quite beautiful tattoos. I wanted to look closer. You were slender and a peculiar amalgam of small wounded bird and steel taloned raptor. I was entranced by your presentation to the world. And, oh yes, those killer cheekbones.

When: Sunday, January, 06 2019

Where: La Tacqueria

Bushy Eyebrows Tattoo Sleeves

I saw you at the gym near the office. You commented on my koi fish tattoo. That they could use a mermaid to keep them company

When: Monday, January, 07 2019

Where: Saanich

Canada Line girl with the taiko drum plushie

This is a long shot but we were both riding the Canada Line downtown during rush hour in the morning. You were a petite blonde woman with frizzy hair and dirty grey converse, wearing an anime sweater. You had some Japanese pins and a Don-chan taiko drum plushie. I was the bearded plaid wearing lumberjack with a toque, hoping I'd give you my number as we got off at Waterfront but you never left the train, drinks sometime?

When: Monday, January, 07 2019

Where: Canada Line

Caught your eye at Donald's on Hastings

Busy Sunday shopping but you caught my eye a few times as we shopped. We ended up in the same line and I wanted to chat with you but the older lady was talking too much about chicken behind me and ahead of you. I was the cyclist guy with the blue jacket. You Brunette with baseball hat and black jeans? Was there some chemistry? Love to see!

When: Sunday, January, 06 2019

Where: Donald's on Hastings and Nanaimo

no.6 bus,travelling east on Davie

You, in wheelchair, me cheeky Brit. We chatted and then shouted first names to each other as you exited - to the amusement of other passengers. I'd like to see you again.

When: Friday, January, 04 2019

Where: Davie st

Wearing an excessively orange hat

You filled my prescription, and I said I was a bit like Eeyore because it wasn't fully covered. I work with computers and am horrible with people. You are lithe with a becoming grace.

When: Saturday, January, 05 2019

Where: London Drugs #10

Starbucks, Yaletown station.

I was putting sugar in my coffee and you came up to me and asked if i was going to work. I was wearing my orange hi viz vest and we talked briefly and i had to run for the bus. You: tall, partly oriental nice smile and great talker. Me: Tall, carrying black knapsack in my uniform. Lets connect. Had no time for proper intro.

When: Wednesday, January, 02 2019

Where: Starbucks at Yaletown Canada Line


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