TEDxSFU | Shift




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TEDxSFU | Shift aims to recognize, characterize and question our ideas, philosophies, and environments. Uniting societal leaders in a focused unearthing of shifting paradigms. Each shift represents a clarified vision and crystal clear alternative to a life-altering decision. By pulling together the fibres that compose epiphanies, we seek to evoke breakthroughs in and throughout our communities

TEDxSFU 2017 encourages community members to shift their filter, take on an objective lens, and step outside the bounds of habitual action. By listening to the experiences of eleven speakers and empathizing with their defining insights, we urge communities to breakthrough relics of thought and take action towards an empowered future.

Tickets for the conference on November 12, at the Granville Island Stage, are on sale now: http://picatic.com/tedxsfu2017

For more information, visit: tedxsfu.com

Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away