Calabash Bistro

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      Open: Calabash is open from 5pm – late Tuesday – Sunday
      Closed on Mondays

      428 Carrall, Vancouver BC, Canada


      This "reggaecentric" Gastown restaurant and live-music venue serves Caribbean curries, jerk chicken, and oxtail stew. Weekend brunch offerings include roti with jerk scrambled eggs, salara French toast with spiced mango-maple syrup, and ackee and saltfish with homemade dumplings.

      Georgia Straight food editor Carolyn Ali has described the roti as "perfect", not to mention "thick, plush, and pillowy soft". “Most people view Caribbean food as [something cooked in] a little café or a hole-in-the-wall,” cofounder Cullin David told the Straight in 2014. “I wanted to raise the bar on it a little bit. You can really take an ingredient from anywhere in the world, and it will fit into Caribbean cuisine because everyone in the world has put their foot in the Caribbean.”

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