You've just been pranked if you believed that Justin Bieber has zero clue how to eat a burrito

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      Despite everything you might have seen on the Internet last week, it turns out that Justin Bieber won't need classes at Sal y Limon to learn how to eat a burrito properly.

      The Canadian pop star made for classic click-bait fodder last week when a picture of a dude eating a burrito sideways went viral. The suggestion that the guy--who was wearing a brown toque and sunglasses and sitting on a park bench--was Bieber was quickly accepted as fact, leading to countless stories everywhere, including the Straight

      Yesterday, Yes Theory--which runs a wildly popular YouTube channel--revealed that "Bieber" vs. Burrito was in fact an elaborate hoax. The company brought a Bieber lookalike named Brad Sousa to L.A., and then put him in all sorts of situations that it figured might get some attention.

      Included in the experiment was Sousa/Bieber helping an elderly lady cross a street, and, of course, his attempting to eat a burrito by idiotically tucking into the middle first, thereby ensuring that beef, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream made a royal fucking mess. 

      Watch below as Yes Theory explains why--unlike everything you read in pages of the National Enquirer, OK Weekly, and  The Weekly World News--you can't necessarily accept photograph evidence as gospel fact when it comes to the Internet.