On Our Radar: Vancouver band Calpurnia rocks out on the road in new video for "Cell"

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      Calpurnia has a couple of hurdles to overcome, at least in the minds of some indie-rock fans. The first is that the band is fronted by singer-guitarist Finn Wolfhard, who is still better known as an actor (he plays Mike Wheeler on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things). The second is that all of Calpurnia's members—who include drummer Malcolm Craig (also an actor), guitarist-vocalist Ayla Tesler-Mabe, and bassist Jack Anderson—are all still in their teens.

      The video for the quartet's new song, "Cell", ought to help put to rest any lingering doubts. It shows that, in spite of their youth, these kids can rock out like seasoned veterans, and it demonstrates conclusively that each of the members is as important to the Calpurnia sound as all the others. 

      "This song is about being taken advantage of in any way," Wolfhard says of "Cell", which was produced by Twin Peaks frontman Cadien Lake James and coproducer R. Andrew Humphrey. "It was amazing working with Cadien and Andrew again and I’m really excited for everyone to hear it!"

      As for the video, Tesler-Mabe said "While on our first-ever official American tour, we had the pleasure of being joined by the incredible Pooneh Ghana for our last two shows in Austin and Houston. She is easily one of the most prolific and talented photographers (and videographers!) on the music scene right now, and so we left it to her to capture the joy and adventure of packing all your bandmates into a single van and hitting the road. This video is set to our newest single, Cell, and we sincerely hope that this video makes you at least a bit as happy as we are in this footage.”

      We recently shared the video for Weezer's cover of the a-ha song "Take On me", which starred the members of Calpurnia. This isn't the only connection between the two bands: Calpurnia recorded a version of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" as part of a Spotify session last year. Check that out below: