What's up with the Vancouver Greens and Nicholas Chernen?

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      It was a bit of shock to read Straight journalist Carlito Pablo's story yesterday about one of the Chernen brothers hooking up with the Vancouver Greens.

      The party's home page features a large photo of Coun. Adriane Carr in front of what appears to be the Earth, reinforcing her brand as a politician who cares about the environment.

      Yet the party has given a green light to Nicholas Chernen to seek a nomination for school board.

      "Nicholas wants to be a part of creating a legacy of peace, health, good government and environmental stewardship," the Greens' website states. "Nicholas believes that the Global Green Principles of the Green Party provide the structure to make this possible."

      Chernen's brother Glen just lost his bid to become the NPA's mayoral candidate with a pro-motorist platform. It included the elimination of a separated bike lane along West 10th Avenue around Vancouver General Hospital.

      Brother Glen also promised to restore parking to Yaletown, re-open Point Grey Road to traffic, and halt the removal of the viaducts. 

      In 2014 when the brothers were running for the Cedar Party, they were exceptionally loud critics of the separated Point Grey Road bike lane.

      Writing in the Vancouver Sun at the time, columnist Pete McMartin recalled observing the brothers "in action at a demonstration against the closure of the Point Grey Road for a bike route, and while protesters waved placards from the street, [Glen] Chernen and his brother, Nicholas, roared around in their vintage muscle cars—Nicholas in a Camaro Z28, Glen in a Dodge Challenger—gunning their engines and honking their horns in support".

      Imagine that. We have a Green party aspirant for school board who guns his engine in opposition to a bike lane.

      What's next? A Green candidate who thinks big-game hunters are getting a raw deal under the provincial ban on killing grizzlies?