Family offers $50,000 reward to solve mystery of 48-year-old Port Moody woman found dead near Hope, B.C.

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      A family is offering a reward for information that can solve the mystery of what happened to a woman from Port Moody who went missing and was later found dead near Hope, B.C.

      A search began for 48-year-old Trina Hunt of Port Moody on January 18 when she was reported missing to police.

      After an extensive search, her body was located south of Silver Creek near Hope on March 29, with indications of foul play. 

      The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) stated today that investigators aren’t releasing specific details in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.

      Trina Hunt’s family issued the following statement, along with an offer for a reward of up to $50,000 for information:

      Four months ago, our world was turned upside down. Our beloved Trina was reported missing. The pain and anguish we have experienced is unbearable. Our hearts are broken.

      On March 29th, Trina was found in Hope, B.C. Since then, we have had no answers, no arrests and no closure. Trina was the sparkle of our lives. Her energy, enthusiasm and zest for life was one of a kind. You couldn’t help but feel joyful around Trina as she lived life to its fullest. We are completely and utterly devastated to know that we will never again experience complete family dinners, backyard games of bocce ball, or special pies made by Trina. Life will never be the same. 

      This community, our community, has been absolutely amazing. You have supported us each and every step of the way. We have continually felt your love and kindness, so thank you. But, we need to call on you once again. We need your help. We need to find the person who did this and bring justice for Trina.  

      Someone murdered our Trina. Someone took her life. Please think back to the weekend of January 15th. Trina was found in Hope, B.C., south of Silver Creek. Did you see or hear something out of the ordinary? Do you know something, anything? 

      Our family is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for new information leading to an arrest and laying of criminal charges. 

      We know someone out there knows something or has heard something. Are you suspicious of someone or are you protecting someone? We need you to come forward. We need you to be Trina’s voice. Please, we beg of you to do the right thing and put an end to this unnecessary suffering.

      Our final message is for the person who did this to Trina: You need to come forward and take responsibility for what you did. You have senselessly taken Trina’s life, and ruined so many others. Own up to your actions and accept the consequences. It’s the least you can do. We know you’re out there and our family and our community will continue fighting for answers. And while, painfully, nothing will bring our Trina back, we will get Justice for Trina, we promise. Trina and all women deserve nothing less.  

      Thank you.

      —Brad, Jen, Charles, and Dianna Ibbott

      Trina Hunt

      Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the IHIT Information Line at 1-877-551-4448 or by email. To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477.

      This case is separate from the recent news that human remains found on May 26 between Boston Bar and Hope, B.C., were identified on May 28 as 19-year-old Melissa Elizabeth Steele. There hasn't been any links stated or implied by investigators about these two cases. 

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