The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Art! Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre

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      From April 20 to 22, Art! Vancouver showcases work by artists from around the world at the Vancouver Convention Centre East (999 Canada Place), with an opening-night reception April 19 from 7 to 10 p.m.

      Art! Vancouver is a contemporary art fair that will showcase recent works from international artists across the world, along with workshops, a panel talk, guest speakers, live painting and performances, and a gallery crawl across the city.

      Organized by artist and curator Lisa Wolfin, Art! Vancouver sees artists and galleries coming from all across Canada and around the world to exhibit their work, which includes painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. Last year, the event brought in over 90 exhibitors. More than 7,000 people saw the show, and this year, Art! Vancouver anticipates even more. 

      Covering the 2016 edition of Art! Vancouver for the Straight, Janet Smith wrote:

      More than anything, Wolfin’s dream is to make Vancouver an art-fair destination that ranks alongside Miami and Madrid. “People fly in from all over the world to these fairs,” Wolfin says. “And we want to put Vancouver on the map for people who want to do that.”

      Tickets for Art! Vancouver are available via Eventbrite.