I am allergic to Christmas before December. It gives me an emotional rash. Rubs me the wrong way. It also seems incredibly disrespectful to not allow Remembrance day the space and consideration it deserves for people who sacrificed their lives within our lifetime in favour of someone who died over 2000 years ago (and wasn’t even born in December). Hell, for all the obsession and piousness, no one actually knows when that guy was born. And can we give his white washed image a rest? That person was not white. I’m sure if we found a way to commercialize Remembrance day, sell occasion specific food and wares, make it fun and sexy then it would be more celebrated. Did the people of the past die so that we could celebrate Commercialism?


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Did you know..

Dec 11, 2022 at 7:27am

Many people worship gods that if they spent a single day as a mortal they'd be huddled up into a ball in a corner whimpering and shaking uncontrollably in some pathetic display after getting a splinter or stubbing their toe because they wouldn't know how to cope with the vulnerability and frailty of being one of us?

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War is a racket

Dec 11, 2022 at 7:52am

The last semi-righteous war was World War 2 but even that war was brought on by rich industrial giants and royals that were all into eugenics and looking to make a buck. Not a single war has been about freedom and democracy or whatever other virtuous crap they try to sell people to go fight their wars for . Banker wars, oil wars, wars to set up puppet dictators, and wars simply to keep the bomb manufacturers happy.

None of these wars resulted in more freedom at home or abroad but rather less. You want me to remember a bunch of suckers that bought into a bunch of BS just to go off and murder innocent people in other countries while making our countries more like a prison? No. The sacrifices of the fool are best left forgotten.

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