Good riddance

I’m so done with these anti-vaxxers and their conspiracy theories. These types have made it very clear that they’re totally and completely insane. When I run into people who are far gone as they appear to be, I just keep on walking and don’t look back. Bye!

A saucy confession

I'm a 58 year old woman & this past weekend I met a 22 year old man & know what.....wink, wink...anyways I've been told to go for it, well I definitely did go for it & I got apologies, no guilty feelings whatsoever:)

I should be

Chasing after girls…I have all the typical physical male attributes to be an “alpha male” chasing after girls: height, looks, muscles, masculinity, and yet… I confess that as far as I’m concerned, women - all of them, can quite literally disappear from earth tomorrow, and other than for their vital role in sustaining life in this planet (for which I want no involvement in), I would not even notice they are gone. I do not experience, nor have I ever experienced, the slightest physical, sexual or emotional attraction to any of them. Its really interesting how nature works!

Mental Illness is no joke

I’ve been medicated for a few years, yet recently the medication doesn’t seem to be working. Anxiety and depression at the very root of my being. I can barely function at work. I need to get a handle on this. Mental illness is an illness and I’m not feeling well at all.

An easy way to weed out guys

is to see what's on their wrist. If they have a Patek Phillipe, Rolex or Apple Watch, they need a brand to verify their masculinity. They probably also need a high-end car to verify their masculinity. The most masculine of them don't need any brand as proof. So if he's wearing a beat-up Timex or driving a beat-up Camry, he doesn't give a flying f--- what you think & that's the kind of man I want to f---.

I confess

I keep multiple guys on the back burner just in case. I’ve been seeing someone. He is great but I have this habit of keeping back up guys friends around in case I need them. Recently one of my guy friends called me out. He says I string guys along and make them think they have a shot. He also says I’m not honest about my stAtus or intentions. I think he is right and I feel like shit about it. But it’s always worked out for me. I guess I never considered how it may feel for them :(

Raise your kids better

A bunch of little shits at the park called me a lesbian yesterday. There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian but I'm not going to have that conversation with someone else's 8 year old. What bothered me was this older kid about 12 years old leading his little wolf pack trying to make them bully along with him. Snickering, calling me fat. I said that's not very nice. He mimicked me and said, "Fuck you!". I turned around and said. "No, fuck you!!" . His face dropped. Wasn't expecting that I guess. Not my proudest moment but it just came out. I asked him if he liked being a bully and if his friends liked being friends with a bully. They all went quiet his face turned red. Either embarrassed or wanted to punch me lol probably the latter.. I'd like to think what I said sunk in but they probably just called me a fat lesbian bitch as I walked away. Should have minded my business though. If I ever catch my daughter being a bully there will be very serious consequences. Teach your kids not to be little assholes.

"Reach out"? "Talk to your doctor"? What a joke.

There isn't infrastructure, funding, or pharmacare for the mentally ill. The medical community doesn't care about the mentally ill. They didn't care before COVID. They'd just watch the clock as you tried not to cry during a 10 minute appointment that took all of your energy to show up for. During COVID, I haven't bothered reaching out for help. What's the point? They equate mental illness with a lack of intelligence. Why can't you just pick yourself up & pull yourself together? In my community, there is a one year waiting list for subsidized, sliding scale therapy and a three year waiting list for housing, in case you're too ill to work & pay market rent. Stop telling people help is out there. Just stop.

Bacon and Eggs

Who thought of this as good breakfast food? There are no other two things I’d rather eat less than bacon and eggs.

Small Talk

I have been working in customer service jobs for years and one of the required skills is ability to engage in small talk. A question I get asked, sometimes multiple times a day is, "How is your day going so far"? Usually when I have just started work, and have only been awake for a couple of hours by that point; or when I'm really busy, being run off my feet and am clearly stressed out. The only real option is to cheerfully answer "it's fine thank you". Nobody wants to hear that I'm stressed out or tired. It infuriates me when I get asked this question, I guess because it is so inane and thoughtless.


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