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Work on that s***!

Have you ever noticed how people’s weird behaviour gets progressively weirder the older they get? I recently ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a few years and we decided to get together for lunch. She always had some weird and annoying idiosyncrasies, and that was one of the reasons why we stopped hanging out in the past. During our get together it became clear that not only had she not done any work on her behaviour, it was worse than ever. Like obsessing over minor stuff that most of us just shrug off, being really controlling about where we parked, etc. Just generally annoying habits that are really off-putting. So we probably won’t be getting together again much and that’s sad because there’s a lot of good things about her that I like. But all I remember from before is that her behaviour was just so irritating that it overshadowed the good things and made me not want to be around her anymore. So people, work on that s*** while you’re young! Don’t let your obsessions become so annoying (like people who announce their diet preferences to the world and talk about them incessantly for example) that no one wants to hang out with you when you’re older.

A blessing

Thanks for walking out after I disclosed my clinical depression diagnosis. I hid it well for years until I just couldn't any more. You behave as though it's a contagious plague. I think you did me the favour of showing your true colours.

Death by snow/rain/sun

I admit reading the news of people getting killed by weather events is shocking. You can live a full life and then without warning, have it all end if it snows too much (California), rain too much (New Zealand, Bangladesh) or heats up too much (Vancouver heat dome). Death by weather on obituaries. Lately the seasons give me pause rather than joy. Will I avoid the early debilitating pollen this spring? Will we have another 100 day drought or be covered in wildfire smoke in the summer? Flooding in the Fraser Valley in the fall? I feel uncertain about what come may.


It hurts a little less if I delete our text conversations. It would be less painful to have zero friends than the few I do have.

Sitting at my desk all day

When I walk at work, I feel great! When I sit around all day, I get constipated. Office jobs kill you for sure. There's your rise in bowel cancer statistic for you. Having rotting and fermenting stuck in you all day is not good. I hope we can regain power, control, and freedom in our lives from the corporate elite and their government friends.

It’s not shyness

I confess that I’m tempted. But I’m not responding because I’m too shy. I’m not responding because I’ve gone into protective mode. For too long I put myself into situations that were almost guaranteed to cause me harm, and after so much pain and suffering I’m finally protecting myself. But oh yeah, I’m tempted. For now I’m staying right where I am, safe in my little hideaway, until I’ve healed enough to want to face the world again.

Super printer

He used to tell me how you would beat his wife. How dare you tell lies about me.

You are not black just cuz you love hip hop

It’s very sad and funny to see how many, mostly Asian people, think they are experts in black culture. I get it, you love hip hop and your worship Beyonce. Thats all good. But dont talk to me about black issues like you one of us. Girl you grew up in Richmond drinking bubble tea. Stop fronting like you know. Also its mad creepy how the above people be fetishizing black people. We are not your trophy or status symbol you Kardashian wannabe.


he's the age i was when we met... for the 2nd time, I think. I think we might have crossed paths at a rave back in 2000 and he seemed like he were interested in me, but he were a 16 yo boy and I didn't want to be some creepy pedo (even though my guy friends say that most teenage boys would love hooking up with a 30 yo woman that looks 18-19).


You and your sister were at the next table

You and your sister were at the next table, eating. I asked if you were eating chicken or squid....

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