Golden Dumpling Cook Off and Derby returns on August 9, 2015

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      UPDATE as of July 28, 2015: The location for this event has been changed from the Red Truck Brewery to the Food Truck Fest located at 215 West 1st Avenue. The site is between the Cambie Street Bridge and the Olympic Village.

      Dumpling lovers rejoice! The Golden Dumpling Cook Off and Derby returns on August 9.

      A fundraiser for the Chinese Elders Community Kitchen, the festival features restaurants competing to make the best wrapped-and-filled morsels. A dumpling passport ($55 plus service charge) lets you sample each creation, and with 17 restaurants participating, expect to leave stuffed like a dumpling yourself.

      This year’s event takes place at Red Truck Brewery (295 East 1st Avenue) and tickets include three 16-ounce Red Truck beers as well as Happy Planet refreshments.

      See the Golden Dumpling website for info and tickets.




      Aug 9, 2015 at 7:44pm

      First time attending. You know... I expected much more for $60 per customer. My bullshit meter tingled when the demographic onsite was 'wrong'. Where were the genuine masters: Kirin, Suhang, Shanghai River, etc? You've got hippies praising the food along the lines of "wow this is so juicy" and all I taste is a mouthful of MSG and stale duck. You took money from me and fed me substandard junk. Would you expect a piece of bone in your dumpling filling? What's with the early shutdowns of so many vendors? How do you run out of plates while your servers dip their unwashed hands into large bowls to take a bite when the chef is still working? Is it proper to eat your own offerings? Who's assigned to food handling hygiene? On average, your displays are formal but the content of your product and service leaves much left wanting. I regret not spending my time and business elsewhere. Only thumbs up for AnnaLena and the juice station. #disgust #disgrace #badservice 0/10.


      Lauren C

      Aug 10, 2015 at 12:18am

      Some were good. Some were bad. $110 for me and my brother was a bit steep. Acorn had this yucky tempura vegetable thingie. Gyoza Bar was interesting. I didn't like Saiwoo but my bro did. AnnaLena was very good. One tent was already closed when I arrived though.