Looking for delivery or takeout? Vancouver food trucks like Shameless Buns a good option

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      Food trucks in Vancouver are not rolling away.

      “We’re still here,” Corvette Romero, co-owner of Shameless Buns, told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview.

      According to Romero, food trucks are a good option for people looking for takeout or delivery.

      “Our menu items are pretty reasonable,” she said.

      And because food trucks are on the streets, it’s easier to do social distancing for people picking up their orders amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

      “We do get some of our regulars coming by to pick up takeout,” Romero said.

      For schedules of food trucks, one can use the street food app here.

      Shameless Buns specializes in Filipino-food-inspired street fare.

      It’s sandwiches use pan de sal, a soft and slightly sweet Filipino bread roll.

      Romero said that Shameless Buns can be found at 302 Industrial Avenue.

      For orders, she said clients can use apps like Skip the Dishes, DoorDash, and Uber Eats.

      Dining in restaurants is no longer allowed because of the pandemic.

      Restaurants have shifted to delivery and takeouts.

      Food trucks are allowed to operate because their food is for taking out.

      “We're doing it to kind of get out of the house and do something,” Romero said.

      The communications department of the City of Vancouver informed the Straight that the city has shared information with food truck operators about current rules in the wake of the pandemic.

      One is for operators to remind clients to keep a physical distance of two metres from each other.

      In addition, all food, including toppings, must be provided by staff.

      According to Romero of Shameless Buns, customers picking up orders get their food in a container and a bag.

      Sauces of choice are also placed in small containers.

      For choices of restaurants with deliveries and takeouts, see Breaking Bread