Splash of Wine: Classical music helps compose the heavenly Winemaker’s Cut Rosé

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      Winemaker’s CUT 2019 Rosé

      Situated between Oliver and Osoyoos, Deadman Lake Vineyard is where Winemaker’s Cut Estate Winery grows the grapes for its CUT wines. It’s one of three labels by winemaker Michal Mosny and his partner and wife, Martina, and consists of a Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé.

      The pair employs sustainable farming methods without any herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizer; they harvest their grapes by hand; and they work according to the lunar calendar.

      However, what really makes Winemaker’s Cut stand out is the couple’s fondness for classical music—and the way they integrate it throughout the entire winemaking process.

      Life-long lovers of the genre, the Mosnys have installed speakers in the vineyard and cellar, believing that playing masterpieces by the likes of Bach, Mozart, Haydn, and Puccini helps vines become healthy and robust. The music also apparently deters harmful bugs and birds, yielding grapes that ripen earlier than others and wines that are balanced and composed of complex flavours.

      “There have been a number of studies performed that demonstrate how music affects plants and their growth, and we believe it has a huge and positive effect on vines in the vineyard and wines in the cellar,” Michal Mosny says on the winery’s website. “Our wine life has always been connected with classical music.

      “Because this type of music made us very happy and enriched our soul, we thought about exposing our vines to classical music to enrich their growing life. Wine is a product of nature and we believe that there is more than just fruit, technology, or winemaking techniques.”

      Whether you buy the music's influence on the outcome or not, when it comes to Winemaker’s Cut 2019 Rosé, there’s no denying that some kind of musical-winemaking harmony happened here. 

      Tech sheet: A blend of 90 percent Cabernet Franc and 10 percent Syrah, this medium-bodied wine has stone-fruit, citrus, cherry, and berry flavours.

      Sip it: Soft and gentle, this elegantly crisp wine feels like a tender embrace.

      Next level: Serve it with a vegetarian mezze platter while playing Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

      Swirl this: Find it at winemakerscut.ca/ for $26 (including tax and bottle deposit). Free shipping on orders of six bottles or more.

      Gail Johnson is not a sommelier but appreciates good wine and does her research. Follow her on Instagram @gailjohnsonvancouver and Twitter @GailJohnsonVan.