Tonight's Stanley Park-sponsored Brews & Tunes with Brock Phillips gives you chance to get a communal live-music fix

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      Remember all those times before the end of times when you sat there on the couch thinking "I'd really love to go out to a show tonight, but I'm just too goddamn tired?"

      And how, because you were tired, you missed Queens of the Stone Age at Richard's on Richards. And Lady Gaga at the Commodore. And Travis Scott at the Waldorf Hotel. 

      And how, now, you'd pretty much give anything to escape the house, condo, or East Van basement suite for some sort of communal live-music experience and a beer.  

      That'll happen again—we promise. 

      In the meantime, Stanley Park Brewing is throwing a live virtual concert tonight called Brews & Tunes, with Brock Phillips in front of the mic, from 7-8:39 p.m. (Yes, we know the 8:39 curfew is a little weird, but there's something exciting about imagining him pulling the plug and kicking the camera over at a pre-determined time, encores be damned). 

      The concert is meant to celebrate the fact that Stanley Park Brewing is now set up for beer delivery in Vancouver's West End. Freshly brewed rotating beers—including Wandering Rye Pilsner, Hollow Tree Lager, and the Captain Hazy IPA—are being shipped in 32 oz. crowlers.

      Those with an endless supply of surgical gloves and Danielle Baskin N95 anti-COVID-19 facemasks can also pre-order crowlers from the brewery in Stanley Park for pickup between noon and 8 p.m. 

      As for tonight's show with Phillips, Stanley Park Brewing is billing it as follows: "We're here to keep you company and bring a little piece of the park into your home, so kick back and tune in from your quarantine zone—bed, sofa, patio—you name it! Send us your song requests via Instagram!".

      And if you're doing so by going here, please be advised that there's no guarantee that Phillips will know "(Don't Fear) the Reaper", or "The "End". So maybe you could suggest "Here Comes the Sun" or at the very least "Comfortably Numb" instead.