Your horoscope for April 6 to 12, 2017

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      Industriousness nets a payoff Thursday/Friday. Set yourself to task and you should make great headway. The transiting moon in Virgo keeps more of everything on the go, and—for the most part—it’s making the grade. Mind you, there’s plenty of plus and minus in the mix. Friday’s sun/Jupiter can produce an overload. Too much coming at you will require your expert discernment, but when it comes to the gains and good stuff, the complaints are at a minimum. Friday night’s reward is available in whatever package you choose.

      Saturday is also productive, in terms of over the hump, finish it off, and head on to something next. Venus and Saturn set a short two-week timetable into play. Expect to stay well occupied with a process, priority, agenda, or unfolding reality.

      Sunday, minimize expectations. Don’t make assumptions or prejudge; take your hands off the steering wheel. Mercury in Taurus begins retrograde. If you can’t get a clear fix on what’s in your best interest, take more time to feel your way along. Allow for folks and circumstances to reveal themselves. Monday/Tuesday, the full moon in Libra will do just that.

      Spotlighting life’s imbalances, the full moon can find you at odds with yourself, another, or a circumstance. Personal freedom and independence can conflict with the desire or need to partner up or participate. Matters to do with fairness, justice, cooperation, sharing, mutual support, trust, alliances, and finances can reach a breaking point or a breakthrough point. A contract or legal matter hits a fast track too.

      March 20 - April 20

      Friday/Saturday, plans, intentions, and communications can shape up well. You can feel over the hump and on the road with someone or something. Still, note that Mercury in Taurus begins retrograde on Sunday, and on Monday/Tuesday the full moon in Libra hits full swing with Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus. Anything goes! When things change, they change big-time. Mercury retrograde can sack or defy expectations.

      April 20 - May 21

      Thursday through Saturday, your stars are prime for making the most of it. Aim to get as much as you can said, done, or written. Sunday through Wednesday, follow rather than lead. Accomplishment or progress may not be a straightforward thing, thanks to the start of Mercury retrograde and the full moon. A relationship, money, or health matter will require extra attention.

      May 21 - June 21

      You are a busy one! The next few days keep you well on the go with home, family, cleanup, and clear-up projects. To feel pleased with yourself is your best reward. Make Sunday a day of rest. Monday/Tuesday, the full moon could dish up something extra or special. Mercury retrograde may not be obvious right now, but don’t underestimate a thing.

      June 21 - July 22

      Thursday/Friday, put a creative spin on it. Don’t get bogged down in the details or the small stuff but do make sure to tend to the necessary stuff. Ask a question or two and you’re likely to get a floodgate response. Saturday, you’ll hit a switch track. Sunday through Tuesday takes you from one extreme to another. Expenses can multiply.

      July 22 - August 23

      Need to play catch-up with yourself or to finish something off? Thursday through Saturday, the Virgo moon helps you to get a better handle on what’s necessary. Thanks to the start of Mercury retrograde and the Libra full moon, Sunday to Tuesday is a mixed bag. There’s something important to share, say, or face. A compromise or concession will fast-track you.

      August 23 - September 23

      Thursday/Friday, you’ll find a knack for hitting it just right and make the most of what there is to work with. Saturday, it’s time to switch gears. As is typical of Mercury retrograde, Sunday may not follow the plan or expectation. Expense or output is high Monday/Tuesday. You may hit a breaking point, but it paves the way for an air-clearing and/or resolution.

      September 23 - October 23

      Behind the scenes, there’s a lot on brew. There’s what you know, what you feel, and what you haven’t put your finger on yet. Thursday/Friday, time to yourself can be put to very good use. Mercury retrograde, starting Sunday, calls for a rethink regarding pending projects, investments, or a relationship matter. Is it worth it? Monday/Tuesday, the Libra full moon calls for a decision.

      October 23 - November 22

      It’s a busy end to the workweek. You’ll go the distance and find energy to spare. Reward yourself Friday night. Saturday, quit while you are ahead and plug into something fresh. Sunday through Tuesday, allow extra leeway for the unexpected. Mercury retrograde and the full moon can mess with plans or require that you put more time or money into it.

      November 22 - December 21

      Practical, efficient, and priced right is the right aim Thursday/Friday. A little more effort works to your great benefit. Come the second half of Saturday, you’ll be onto other things. Sunday through Tuesday, keep plans and expectations open-ended. These days can occupy you with something extra and/or launch a domino effect. Someone may need you or want to give you well-meaning but unsolicited advice.

      December 21 - January 20

      Thursday/Friday, take it on and put yourself out there. Travel, studies, and bargain-hunting deliver the goods, too. Saturday through Tuesday, what you hear may not be all of it. The appearance and the reality may not be one and the same. Meeting in the middle is the right aim, but it takes added effort and collaboration.

      January 20 - February 18

      A little goes a long way—less is more; keep it simple—through Saturday. Don’t waste your time or your money. Prior to Sunday, you can shop for a better deal. As of Sunday, go the extra/pay the extra. Mercury retrograde and the full moon can put you back in touch and/or resume something important.

      February 18 - March 20

      You may feel swamped, but Thursday to Saturday, the transiting moon supports you to take care of business quite well. In fact, you’ll get through more than you usually do. Prioritize self-interests and personal needs Saturday night. Sunday through Tuesday, Mercury retrograde and the full moon are in charge. Take it in stride.