Wesgroup Properties applies to build energy centre for Vancouver’s River District

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      Wesgroup Properties has applied to build an energy centre in the River District of Vancouver.

      The proposed two-storey facility will provide space heating and hot water for residents in the waterfront community.

      Wesgroup owns most of the land in the 51-hectare site that used to be the home of the Canadian White Pine mill by the Fraser River.

      “As River District has grown as a community, and working together with the City of Vancouver on a low-carbon strategy for the River District, there is now a need for single, centralized location for a Permanent Energy Centre (PEC) to replace the temporary heating sources currently providing the thermal energy,” the developer explains in a project description.

      The document forms part of its application for a development permit at 3565 Sawmill Crescent.

      “This PEC will use less energy and emit fewer emissions overall than individual on-site boilers, will deliver greater efficiency and cost certainty to customers,” the paper stated.

      Also, “The PEC will house a set of boilers of various sizes, to meet the varying heating and domestic hot water needs of the community, as well as a heat exchanger station to utilize waste heat from offsite sources (including potentially waste heat in partnership with Metro Vancouver).”

      River District was previously an industrial site known as the East Fraser Lands.

      The growing neighbourhood is popular for its green spaces and trails as well various community amenities.

      City hall will accept comments from the public about the proposed 3565 Sawmill Crescent development until January 26 this year.