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Anyone else have a bit of perfectionist OCD control stuff? Overworrying, wondering and weighing on decisions..even after you've already made them! On sometimes trivial things like a purchase. Thinking too much if you said or did something right. If someone is upset with you or you used the right word in a moment? Thinking the sky might fall if you can't keep some thing under control and a certain way? Only to realize it wasn't remotely something to be distraught or desperate over. I'm working on letting go of petty hidden paranoias, worries and fear/control fixations. Finding a lot more than I thought, and some freedom in that. Knowing in the grand scheme, we have big things to put our faculties on and we don't have to spend our energy on perfections and worries in small things. I really recommend it. Little stuff that you work on can make big results over time in your peace and efficiency, and going in strong wrestle against our nature and preset patterns is so important.


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samesies ditto

Mar 22, 2018 at 8:43pm

I definitely can relate to what you've written. I don't have OCD compulsions but my mind gets fixated on certain thoughts and they will keep repeating and cycling. The anxiety fuels them and its a hard cycle to break. I've found therapy helpful and also trying to distract my mind quickly when it starts cycling. If I can catch it, I can usually move beyond it. Also, even though it seems contradictory to what I just wrote, allowing myself to accept that it is just a strange thing my brain does and not always try to think of something else, just let the anxious thought have its moment.

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Mar 23, 2018 at 7:31am

This sounds more like anxiety than OCD, to be honest. The two are pretty closely linked, but it sounds like you're primarily just anxious. :)

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Can we say...

Mar 28, 2018 at 5:37pm

... Meth Head?

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