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report crimes now

I hope that in the future all the enlightened young women who are so vocal on social media will also report all sexual assaults because honestly if they had reported Bill Cosby years earlier he might even have gotten some type of help or treatment, think about that instead of how he "got away" without punishment. It is really unfortunate that he was never caught earlier, even the first time.

Aw, c'mon really?

When you go to the part of a website called "confessions," you expect to read something juicy right? Maybe controversial? I don't mind perusing the political rants, diatribes from jilted lovers or even incomprehensible brain farts if I can eventually read something worthy of a "confessions" section. It seems like if something good finally gets posted, it's up for one day before it disappears. I mean, really? What's the point of confessions if the most provocative thing you can say is "SJW's are the REAAAAL fascists!"

Crazy Poor Locals

I would never take my North American money and live in a country where we ruin their culture. Not even on vacation.

Kinda get it now

I am the furthest thing from a right-wing conservative who bleats about liberal elites like a Chatty Cathy doll with a broken string. That said it really chaps my hide to read about the Governor General chafing at making close to $300 000.00 a year plus a place to live, plus expenses, plus pension not being thrilled about having to attend parties for a living. WTF?

recently rejected

by someone my age (50s) in the same physical condition as me, similar interests, we find humour in the same things, easy to talk with and have a good time..but he stated he only dates (bangs) 20-somethings. So I say to all those "hot" 20-somethings who are banging older guys---you can keep 'em because we don't want them. No, I'm not bitter just disappointed. I guess I'd hoped that if you make it to 50+ you'd realize that superficiality is the psychic disease of our lifetime. Fortunately, I believe there are plenty of good people in the sea and will continue to fish.


I work with people who start "early" to leave before the end of work, only to spend that time on their phones.

breaking point

Never been this lonely in a relationship, not even in the worst one! "I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone,it's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone." Robin Williams r.i.p.


For aknowleging my loss and for once not telling me to get over it

Gift giving.

There is an art to gift giving, as well as receiving a gift. Often I enjoy giving small gifts to those close to me, and even sometimes strangers. There is nothing attached to the gift, nothing is expected in return. Every once in awhile though, the gesture is taken out of context. Has gift giving become something that is lost in translation?

Too expensive to move?

Not if you move somewhere cheap with lots of jobs. Don't be afraid... just plan ahead a little... like find a place to rent ahead of time and make sure your bank account has some savings. Eat nothing but vegetarian for a few months if you have to (okay, okay, maybe a tiny bit of meat to keep those iron levels up) and then go!

I'm not getting laid.

I guess it's time to grow a beard and get a suit 2 sizes too small and a pair of pointy shoes!


Some guy slapped one of those ICBC no-cell-phone-and-driving stickers on my car for checking my phone. My car was stopped and the light was red.

Gray Knight

Is it unethical to start a fight with an ex about nothing, in hopes of achieving a loss or draw, thereby reminding said ex who seems peculiarily used to abuse that their opinions and self are completely worth respect? ...Asking for a friend.


when I study I pick my hair a lot, I have a lot of dandruff or dry head. it's really gross but I can't stop



I couldn't sleep so I went online for a few hands. I wasn't expecting you... We talked...