Meet the new hard seltzers of summer

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      Summer is less than two months away and in all honesty, it’s going to include a lot of outdoor drinking.

      With the current pandemic restrictions, we’re spending the majority of our time gobbling down desserts delivered by UberEats while mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. But once the warm weather arrives, we’ll surely be taking the time-passing festivities outside.

      If you’re a vodka soda or hard seltzer enthusiast, we’ve discovered some new products that’ll keep you entertained as you read outside for six hours straight. Plus, once we’re encouraged to resume social activities, these beverages will be a hit at backyard BBQs and park hangouts.  

      If you love hard seltzers but feel guilty after crushing a couple cans (or six), we highly recommend trying VIZZY. Each thirst-quenching flavour is made with acerola cherry, a superfruit that’s packed with vitamin C. The powerful antioxidant supports your immune system and promotes collagen production.

      VIZZY comes in four unique flavours: Hint of Pineapple Mango, Hint of Black Cherry Lime, Hint of Blueberry Pomegranate, and Hint of Strawberry Kiwi.

      Each can of the hard seltzer is 5 percent ABV and only 100 calories. can be found at your nearby BC Liquor Store.

      Coors Seltzers

      Beverage company Molson Coors has ventured into the world of fruity coolers and we’re not upset about that. Especially because each pack of the hard seltzers purchased helps restore 1,000 litres of water, according to the company, keeping Canada vibrant and sustainable.

      Through a partnership with , Coors Seltzer will be supporting projects that protect Canada’s rivers, lakes, and wetlands. These provide drinking water to wildlife and residents of Canada.

      Flavours like Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Mango, and Grapefruit will tickle your taste buds in ways unimagined. Each can is 90 calories and 4.5 percent ABV. Coors Seltzers are available in flavour-specific packs of six and a . Both can be purchased at any B.C. Liquor Store location.

      White Claw

      Two exciting new White Claw tastes have landed in Canada—Raspberry and Watermelon have joined the already impressive lineup.

      Before the recent additions, the roster included Black Cherry, Mango, Lime, and Ruby Grapefruit. Each can of the sparkling hard seltzer is 5 percent ABV and 100 calories.

      If you have yet to try a White Claw, this requires urgent attention. Please change out of your pyjamas immediately and go to the nearest liquor store.