I'm looking for a gorgeous social worker who I let walk away from the skytrain

We sat next to each other on the expo heading from King George to Waterfront on Friday early afternoon.. She was an amazing woman who helped a blind man get off the train.. We talked a while. She was on her way to get hockey tickets on Friday. She never had her phone on her and I froze when she incinuated for me too come with her. I wanted too but froze up. She came back even after leaving but I couldnt talk.. She said she was a social worker who's son lives in Africa.. I havent been able too stop thinking of her and how much I need her in my life.. I told her I just moved here she offered to get me a job with a friend at PLS.. I told her I do flooring and damn how much I wish I just got off with her.. She was utterly beautiful.. She was wearing glasses and talking about how her son lives in Africa, and how much she misses him.. I think she seen the utter pain im in and shes that kinda woman.. I just wamted her to stay but I couldnt talk.. I went three times looking for her but to no evail.. I didnt even ask her name.. If anyone knows a light haired slash dirty blonde haired lady who's son is in Africa and she is a social worker in the new west Burnaby area at least she lives there im begging you to tell her you read this.. Shes from Nova Scotia she retired there and moved here to be a social worker please someone help me find that lady I should never let walk away.. I so froze up.

When: Friday, December, 14 2018

Where: Expo line BC Place exit is where I last seen her