Locked eyes on skytrain

We were on the 930pm millennium line skytrain heading east towards production stn. I’m Asian, I had my hair tied up, I was wearing a grey button and zipper sweater. You were Caucasian, wearing a blue shirt, had light blue eyes and blond hair. We locked eyes a few times for several seconds while sitting in our seats across from each other, I was with my friend and you were with yours. When you got off at Brentwood stn with your friends, you took one last look at the skytrain before disappearing down the stairs. Not sure if our locked eyes and final look towards the skytrain was anything more than just a passing gaze but if you felt that there was potential in our gazes like I did, find me on IG: merunfoodfun and let’s introduce ourselves over a coffee!

When: Saturday, September, 7 2019

Where: Millennium skytrain line heading east towards Production Stn/Brentwood Stn