Photos: Juke Fried Chicken adds brunch to its weekend menu

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      Good news for brunch-lovers in Vancouver: there’s another spot in town to grab post-breakfast, pre-lunch bites.

      Vancouver Chinatown’s popular Juke Fried Chicken is now serving up Southern-inspired brunch items on weekends (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

      Some of the newly introduced creations include the Juke breakfast sandwich (pork sausage, egg, cheese, and hashbrown on a biscuit), chicken and waffles, chicken fried steak, chicken hash with a soft-boiled egg, and more.

      Go for side items like hangover fries (cheese sauce, gravy, and a soft-boiled egg), buttermilk biscuits, or corn-chicken-fritters if you feel like indulging.

      Drink specials such as Breakfast Club (bourbon, rum, cereal milk, and spice), Juke Caesars, and orange juice or grapefruit mimosas will be available for order.

      “We gave our brunch service a test run during our annual “Cluck Your Resolutions” event on New Year’s Day and the response was incredible,” said Justin Tisdall, general manager of Juke, in a press statement. "It’s no secret that this is one town that definitely loves its brunch." 

      Scroll through the photos below to take a look at some of Juke’s mouth-watering brunch items.

      Amy Ho


      Amy Ho


      Amy Ho


      Amy Ho


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