West End resto roundup: Holy Crab, Yeh! Frozen Yogurt, L'Éclair de Génie, and more

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      There have been a number of new spots opening in the West End and here's a brief rundown of some of the recent changes.

      For more pho fun

      If you head over to one of your favourite West End Vietnamese spots on Davie Street only to find it closed down, all you have to do is turn your head.

      The popular Pho Goodness has relocated across the street, leaving the cozy confines of 1183 Davie Street on November 7 to reopen on November 7 at the elongated space at 1150 Davie Street, which was formerly the location of Hanoi Bistro.

      Pho Goodness reopened across the street at 1150 Davie Street.
      L'Éclair de Génie

      Of course, the good news is that the new location will accommodate more people.

      The former location, which was 900 square feet, only seated up to 20 people while the new spot, at 1,400 square feet, will be able to accommodate up to 35 diners.

      Pho Goodness

      The menu, which includes pho, bánh mì, rice dishes, vermicelli noodle bowls, vegetarian selections, and more, will remain the same for the time being.

      More peacefulness to come

      Another Peaceful Restaurant will be opening up in the West End.

      A franchise of the rapidly expanding, locally based Northern Chinese culinary chain will take over the space formerly occupied by Pho Goodness at 1183 Davie Street.

      The former location of Pho Goodness at 1183 Davie Street will be where a new Peaceful Restaurant will open up.
      Pho Goodness

      A Peaceful Restaurant opened at 1578 Robson Street this past summer, replacing the short-lived Mein Mao Noodle Bar.

      An opening date is still to be announced.

      A reason to be crabby

      There are only a handful of seafood spots in the West End, but a new one will provide some additional options.

      Holy Crab

      The Holy Crab is slated to open at 1588 Robson Street, taking over a corner location at Cardero Street formerly inhabited by 7-Eleven.

      The restaurant, which has locations in Indonesia, serves Louisiana-inspired seafood featuring Cajun sauces, sweet corn, and more. An opening date has not been announced yet.

      Daily Catch Seafood

      Speaking of seafood, The Daily Catch at 1059 Denman Street, which recently started serving menu items, has now added fish and chips to its menu.

      Oh yeh!

      While ice cream shops have sprouted up across the city, a new Quebec-based chain has entered the local market.

      Yeh! Frozen Yogurt & Café has opened up at 985 Denman Street.

      Yeh! Frozen Yogurt

      The café offers low- or non-fat frozen yogurt with no artificial sweeteners in flavours running a diverse range from peanut butter, cantaloupe, and lychee to cheesecake, red velvet, and apple cinnamon French toast.

      There's also non-dairy sorbet with flavours such as blood orange, watermelon, raspberry lemonade, and more.

      Yeh! Frozen Yogurt

      Over 60 toppings, including fruits, candy (such as gummy bears, mochi, and pop tarts), chocolate, nuts, cereal, sauces, and more, are available.

      For those looking for something that isn't frozen, crêpes with a variety of toppings (sweet or savoury) are also available.

      Like other frozen treat places in the area, the new spot will undoubtedly do gangbuster business during horde-drawing summer events such as the Celebration of Light and the Pride parade.

      Parisian delights

      Another sweet spot from the Francophone world will be arriving in Vancouver.

      L'Éclair de Génie

      Paris-based L'Éclair de Génie will open its first Canadian location in Vancouver this spring at 1210 Robson Street.

      The bakery serves up éclairs with flavours as varied as salted butter caramel Marscapone, lemon  yuzu, vanilla pecan, and more.

      Outside of France, the company also has locations in Japan, Hong Kong, and Italy.

      L'Éclair de Génie

      The Vancouver location will be one of three new international locations, in addition to Milan, Italy, and Moscow, Russia.

      It'll be located not far from where French pâtisserie Ladurée opened its first Canadian location at 1141 Robson Street in March.

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