B.C. cocktail recipe: Okanagan Crush Pad Summerland Sling

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      If you’re staying put this summer, here’s one way to bring a taste of the Okanagan to wherever you may be.  

      In addition to wine tastings, Okanagan Crush Pad, located in the timely named Summerland, is serving cocktails in their tasting room.

      Here’s their recipe for a cocktail to chill out with.

      Okanagan Crush Pad Summerland Sling 

      ¼ oz Narrative Brandy
      ¾ oz Narrative Gin
      ¼ oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
      1 oz pineapple juice
      Narrative XC Method Sparkling Wine
      twist of lemon zest

      Fill a cocktail glass with ice.
      Add in Narrative Brandy, Narrative Gin, and lemon and pineapple juices.
      Fill remainder of the glass with Narrative XC.
      Garnish with a fresh lemon twist.

      Okanagan Crush Pad Summerland Sling
      Bri Van Sickle