I confess that I judge people for using those smelly chemicals like Febreeze, Axe body spray, heavy perfumes, fragrances for hair, room spray, scented candles, smelly cat litter, etc. What it tells me is that you are too dirty to clean yourself and your surroundings, so try to hide it by making everything smell like a road stop outhouse. It also says that you are too selfish to consider other people who may have their entire day or days ruined as a result of sharing an elevator, office, or grocery store lineup with you. That stuff is so nasty. It triggers migraines, asthma attacks, rosacea flare ups, and is full of chemicals linked to asthma and cancer, yet people waste their money on it and douse themselves in it. I am currently writing this with a flushed, pink and painful face after sharing an elevator with one such person. They were doused in perfume and hair spray, and likely only wash their hair once per week / go to bed with false eyelashes and makeup on. Disgusting. I confess that I judge. Okay, off to go live in a bubble.


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Contractor life

Sep 15, 2022 at 6:05am

All the guys I work with's clothes reek of laundry detergent. Like way too much. And the cheapest kind

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Sep 15, 2022 at 7:10am

wow, do I hear you! I, too, experience agony when in the mists of chemical scents and often feel unwell during and after. Doing my best to not judge folks, tho I guess I do... anyway, lost my sense of smell a few years ago due to an illness, and tho it's returning, it's still not 100%. Yet I can detect the foul, unnecessary chemicals loud and clear - and hate it.

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I hear your concern

Sep 15, 2022 at 8:12am

Had the same thing happen on an airplane where the flight attendant smelled so bad that I could smell her coming half way down the aisle.

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Another angle

Sep 15, 2022 at 8:59am

I agree about the scents, but I haven't thought of it as you note. I'm convinced the people who douse themselves and purchase scented versions of everything they use, have a seriously reduced sense of smell. It can be so repulsive, it's difficult to understand why anyone would choose to do this.
Scented cat litter must be the worst. Now you have 3 odours: urine, feces and perfume. Or how about those toxic blue crystals that take your breath away. A clean litter box unscented litter doesn't stink.
People who won't consider switching to unscented products baffle me. It's not a big imposition, and it isn't a necessary feature, so why insist on it?
Does the person who came into my place of employment recently, drowning in cologne, not realize the entire facility reeked and everyone was forced to share it while nearly gagging? Opening windows, turning on fans...
No, I don't think they can smell properly.

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I mean yeah..

Sep 15, 2022 at 9:42am

Definitely judgey!

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These chemicals poisons

Sep 15, 2022 at 11:23am

are pushed on us by the same big pharma narcissist bully boys who are thankfully now being exposed for doping our elders in assisted living shituations into catatonic silence. Big pharma makes their big $$ and those running the assisted living prisons can leave our elders in their piss soaked beds without having to hire more helpers and nurses.

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That’s unfortunate for you

Sep 15, 2022 at 11:31am

I understand that some people have sensitivity to certain substances. Lots of us don’t like it when someone is using an overwhelming amount of scented products. However, a true allergy isn’t that common. We live in a society with millions of other people, meaning that tolerance is vital to our survival unless of course you do live in a bubble. Insulting everyone who happens to have used a scented product is pretty unreasonable. Suggesting that everyone who uses any scented product is dirty and trying to cover it up is ridiculous. Try to find ANY hair product that doesn’t contain any scent. Even finding laundry products without scent is hard, and very frequently the “natural” products cost significantly more than the ones commercially available. Not everyone can afford them. So I’m sorry for you but your attitude is really, really unattractive. Much more so than someone who uses scented products.

I agree...

Sep 15, 2022 at 2:01pm

... tho I don't get asthma from them, they just smell disgusting. Even things like laundry detergent with a scent, I was on a trip to visit some family, so we used their laundry machines, and even tho we brought our own detergent (no scent) the clothes still smell like that crap. I've since washed them twice, still smell like that crap.

Having a cat box is inherently disgusting, having an animal bury its shit in a box of sand, even if you clean it out once a day, its just vile.

I once read a statistic that will make you vomit: only 60% of people use a wet wipe/wet the toilet paper after defecating. This is for an average "white bread" North American sample, afaik, So 40% of people, or 2/5, don't even wash themselves after defecating. Gross.

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@I agree

Sep 15, 2022 at 6:03pm

So exactly how would you suggest a person clean themselves with water while using a public restroom? Those wet wipes are terrible for the environment and cannot be flushed. There are different customs in many cultures. Insulting the cultural customs of the one you’re living in seems very disrespectful, if not particularly uncommon around here. In North America it’s typical for people to use toilet paper to clean themselves. Deal with it.

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sorry you have an allergy

Sep 15, 2022 at 8:02pm

and that some people majorly douse themselves...
but some of us enjoy the different scents same as enjoying different flavours of food or beverages and it has nothing to do with being dirty.

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