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Worse than speaker phone…

…is when people take a call in their car as they’re parked, and instead of switching it to the phone, they leave it on Bluetooth through the car speakers. I so love having to listen to your entire conversation conversation at full blast as you sit outside my place while I’m trying to work from home. Even better when you do it late at night when I and the rest of the building occupants are trying to sleep. Just lovely. So considerate of you.

I hope they're okay

I moved from the Island like 22 years ago. I started doing grocery deliveries out of Park Royal Mall among other stores I was contracting to in West Vancouver. I worked there for maybe half a year but I didn't stick around. While I was there I met this nice blonde hair blue eyed girl in a nearby store and we'd chat each other up every so often. So after over 2 decades I haven't really given any thought to this person but lately they start showing up in my dreams. Here's the kicker; quite often but not always when a person I use to know ends up talking to me in a dream it's someone that had already died.

Tired of whining

It's like being middle class is terrible right now. You're just watching your future drain away. If you or people you know didn't make money during the 90s, you just don't have access to it. I seriously hate how the government signed us up for Davos neoliberalism. We don't see a benefit from this at all. I'm tired of complaining about this, but it seriously is not working for anyone in Canada.

Cucumbers are a necessity but super expensive

They're really expensive at the store. I don't want to buy a $3 cucumber... I don't want to buy like 10 cucumbers in a giant pack together for $10 either, as they will go bad. When I eat them, they get my system running. I don't want to pay endless amounts for vegetables to relieve constipation from watching too much mainstream news.

Did you ever ?

Did you ever get the feeling that someone is purposely fucking with you ? Keep in mind you are a totally rational person that does not believe in any Hocus Pocus but the things that are going on make no sense. I'm here to tell you that you can't drive me insane but you can piss me right the fuck off. You really don't want to do that because then I turn into a Wild Card. Expected the Unexpected then ! Pippi Longstocking

I had no idea

About the tires….you threw me for a HUGE loop…. I feel vey stupid…


I’m convinced. You’re my Rusty the Rabbit. Hitting the ground running on this track. If I ever catch up I’ll never race again.

That’s life

I honestly don’t make a big deal out of whoever stays or resigns for the place where I work at. To me, coworkers are just people that come and go.

Old man

Ever had a night where you're hanging out with people who are 10 to 15 years younger then you and you thinking "I should be at home with a wife and kids. I've really screwed things up. It's too late now, what the hell am I doing, how did I get here?" The whole night I'm just desperately trying to hide the fact that I'm too old to be there. Talking to women that are way too young for me, wanting to ask "do you have a single aunt? I really shouldn't be talking to you, I'm so sorry but I'm a desperate loser who is very lost in life."


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